Wahy American & European Dentists are 10 times richer than other dentists in World? This article will analyze the reason behind these points.

Just see this price comparison (Prices of Dental Treatment in India & Their Relative Prices in the USA)

The picture above shows a chart comparing the prices of dental treatment in USA & India (N.B – The prices in India for Dental Treatments is nearly the same as the prices in other South Asian Countries.)

The American/European Dentists earn approximately 10 times more than their Indian/ South Asian counterparts. The sheer difference between the annual incomes of an American & Indian dentist is staggering. There is an increasing demand for Specialist Dentists both in USA/European and Asian countries.


Problems of Such Staggering Price Difference

  1. European & American dentists become the maximum earning dentists in the world. More inflow of cash results in uniform financial growth for dentists. This money also goes in to the modernisation of the dental clinical set up.
  2. This enormous earning capacity for American/ European dentists makes this a very lucrative career option attracting best-talented students to go for it. It is in stark contrast to countries in the Indian Subcontinent where dentistry as a viable career option is diminishing in popularity.
  3. In Indian subcontinent the Dentistry as a curriculum is still a costly investment. And with time it has become more and more confusing for the young graduates to gain a foot hold. The yearly earning capital of majority of the young new dentists is small compared to the American dentists. This has lead to an overall dissatisfaction and unhappiness related to dentistry and that is not good for the future of the dental profession.


Advantages that the Price Difference Provides

  1. The high cost of dental treatment in western countries have given rise to a practice called “Dental Tourism”
  2. Patients from the western world travel to the Indian subcontinent and the South Asian countries and get their dental treatment dome from the most experienced and high cost dentists over here. Even then their expenditure in less than half they would spend in their own country. Hence this does open new market for the dentists in the Indian Subcontinent. But only the popular, experienced and long standing dentists are able to tap in to this market.
  3. South Asian countries and Indian subcontinent together constitute more than half of the world population and its approximately 50 billion dollar market. With proper planning, every dentist can have a piece of it.
  4. This enormous market is compelling big health companies to open corporate dental chains in all the major cities there by increasing the employment chances.

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