5 Ways to Get More Online Visibility for your Dental Practice

The Internet is a powerful tool and in this post, we will see 5 simple steps for dentists to increase their online presence. The steps are very simple to understand and use. So, read the article to get some valuable tips on using the internet exclusively for the dentists.

The Internet is the most powerful medium of the modern day world. Since the day internet was invented, there has been a constant effort by every company, business or individual to gain more and more online presence and visibility. This is also the same for all the professional dental set ups.

In this article, the team of Waverly Dental is sharing their experience on the 5 most effective ways to gain more online presence and visibility for your dental practice.

How to increase Online Presence of your dental practice?

Nowadays, dentists should learn to embrace the fact that the times are changing. As marketers have said in the past years, there has been a tectonic shift in the marketing landscape – from the traditional media to digital media.

That is why it is important for dentists and dental clinic owners to adapt to these changes to improve or advance their marketing strategy in generating new patients.

Gone are the days of unwearyingly waiting for new patients to arrive. In this age of digital media and social media, updates, trend, and visual materials related to a healthy lifestyle has got to be one of the most common topics online.

Various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are almost always full of daily updates about new technologies and innovation regarding health and fitness. This behavior has paved the way for many business owners to bring their businesses online.

That said, it is not enough for dentists to depend on the reputation they were able to build through years of dental practice. It is equally important to build their brands and bring their dental practice online.

How to increase Online Presence of your dental practice?

So let us go through the basic steps that are necessary to increase the online presence of your dental practice.

1. Build a Website

Your website will be your primary information hub – everything your “potential” patients need to know about your dental clinic and the dental services you offer.

Your website should reflect the types of dental treatments you offer through consistent messaging, brand colors, use of images, call to action buttons, and etc. that best reflect your services.

Dental Practice Website

Consistency is the key so that your patients can easily identify your brand. The goal is for website visitors to feel a sense of trust with your brand and then take action by calling your office or submitting an appointment request.

If you need help with your website design, we at Waverly dental use Organic Clicks, LLC who is a great online marketing partner for local dental practices.

If you have no idea on website related stuff, then there are a lot of agencies out there who will help you in starting your dental practice website. Choose a particular agency after seeing the services they provide and also the reviews. We have mentioned more on this towards the end of this article.

Read this article know more on how to build up an effective website for your professional dental practice.

2. The Power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Building your business’s online presence starts with SEO. Your website should be properly optimized by following the best practices in terms of search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in dentistry

Through this process, your website has better rankings in Google and other search engines. Higher rankings or being visible in the top 10 positions shown on Google’s first page results for city + service related keywords (i.e. dentist in Charlotte, NC) means more people can potentially see “you” online and eventually try your service.

Through keyword research, you will be able to identify the type of information your potential clients are looking for online. Utilize these keywords and implement them naturally throughout your blog or landing page.

If you need help with your SEO, at Waverly dental use Organic Clicks, LLC who is a great online marketing partner for local dental practices.

Point to be careful for: There are numerous agencies that will claim to provide you great SEO services and push you to the top of the search results. DO NOT fall for any claims. It is always better to choose an agency in your nearby locality or city so that you can effectively monitor the services and if needed then visit them to assess or discuss your points.

See the next slide for point number #3 on How to increase the online presence of your professional dental practice

We are discussing the best 5 ways for dentists to create a good online presence of their dental practice. This article is by the team of Waverly dental.

3. Create Blog Articles

Keep in mind that people go online to find answers to their problems. Hence, it is important to create content and blogs utilizing those pieces of information and transform them into solutions.

Content Marketing for your Dental Website

Never undervalue the power of content marketing. Making the content relevant to your industry is also important!

Making the content relevant to your industry is also important!

Blogs also play a role in SEO and also in increasing the visibility of your dental website. Good contents are like evergreen investments for your dental practice website. Contents also play a role in E-mail marketing of your dental practice. We will be discussing that point further down in this article.

4. The Power of Social Media

Statistical reports show that as of March 2017, there are more than 3 billion Internet users worldwide – that’s half of the world’s population. This shows how the World Wide Web after Tim Berners-Lee launched it 25 years ago, has created an immense impact on humanity.

Being digitally connected is a part of everyday life and has influenced and is continuously changing the human race. That is why more and more businesses are seeing the potential of growing their businesses online.

Social Media for Dental Practice

One of the most powerful aspects of the Internet is the emergence of social media as a powerhouse of communications and connectivity. To name some of the major social media powerhouses – Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Linked in.

You can use these social media platforms to stay connected with your previous patients and also with new patients & clients. Presence in social media also plays a role in the enhanced SEO of your dental practice website. 

You can promote your dental practice via social media campaigns. Instead of paying hefty fees to traditional advertising, you can start promoting your business with low-budget social media campaigns. Your goal should be to leverage the power of word-of-mouth. Through social media, people love to share their experiences. If your services are good, your patients will most likely recommend you to their friends and families.

You can also create a referral program by encouraging them to “spread the good news” and refer you to their friends. You may opt to provide freebies. As you grow your network, your reputation will improve.

Points to note: Creating a consistent presence in social media is a gradual process for most of the professionals (unless you are a big celebrity or influencer). So, do not get obsessed with the number of followers in social media. It will grow gradually. You just need to keep concentrating on improving your website, adding good contents to it and also improving your dental clinic and skills.

Also, you need to use the social media wisely. Always use the social media to first inform your nearby locations about your dental practice. You can do so by creating paid ads in the social media. Almost all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. provide you the options create paid advertisement by which you can target your ads to appear in the social media feed of people in the geographical locations near your dental practice. You can read the article below where we have discussed some major points on using Facebook for the promotion of your dental practice.

See Next Slide to know about the last most effective point on increasing the online presence of your dental practice. 

By using the Power of E-mails!

We are discussing the best 5 ways for dentists to create a good online presence of their dental practice. This article is by the team of Waverly dental.

5. Email Marketing

(The Power of E-mails in the online presence of your dental practice)

E-mail marketing for dental practice

Connect with your patients and build relationships through email marketing. You can simply send emails reminding them on their next check-up or asking them for feedback and reviews. In this way, you learn what you need to improve upon.

You can also update them with the latest breakthrough in dentistry.

How to collect the e-mails of your patients or future clients? There are two ways – one is the online way and other the direct way

There are two ways – one is the online way and other the direct way. Create an online e-mail collecting system on your website. For example, we use an e-mail pop up box to collect the e-mails of dentists who choose to receive or regular weekly e-mails (You can see the e-mail collection pop up by moving the cursor towards the close tab button on your browser). You can send a weekly e-mail or inform patients about latest developments or offers at your professional dental practice.

The second way is to directly collect the e-mails of the patients who have visited your practice or have done a treatment at your practice. You can send regular e-mails to them taking their feedback, responses, mentioning about new additions to your dental practice and informative articles on dental health from your dental website.

This is known as cold e-mail promotion for your dental practice. 

E-mail marketing for dentists

If you want to know more about cold e-mail marketing for your dental practice, then you would like to read the article below

E-mail Marketing Solution for Health Professionals & Establishments Using Mailshake

In this article, we will be discussing one of the easiest tools that will help every health professional to increase their connectivity and outreach. This online tool is as easy as using your Gmail. This mode of outreach is known and cold e-mail marketing.

These are just the basics. There are still a number of ways in promoting your dental practice online. The key here is to stay consistent across all your platforms – whether it’s online or offline.

When people clearly understand the values you can provide to help them resolve their dental problems, they can easily “fall in love” with your brand. Eventually, they will do the marketing for you through word of mouth, referrals, and reviews.

With this, we conclude this article. We will be happy if the article gave you certain insights to increase the online presence of your dental practice.

Content Marketing for your Dental Website

Credits: This article is written by the team of Waverly dental. 

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