Wahy American & European Dentists are 10 times richer than other dentists in World? This article will analyze the reason behind these points.

American & European Dentists are ten times richer and successful than Asian Dentists. Why this difference? Are Western Dentists Superior in skills?

This post will analyze this hard truth. 


Hi there, 😀 … How are you doing? It’s a cloudy day over here, and I am sipping my hot tea and seeing a show on television. The show is featuring some of the highest paying jobs in the world.

There are thousands of jobs, and among them, few were listed based on the annual income capacity, tax paying capability and also the perception of respect associated with it.

For example, a smuggler might earn huge annually, but it’s still not considered as a job – as its illegal. Also, actors, singers & show business/entertainment professionals were left out in this list. For them, a separate list was prepared.

So the show I was watching assessed all the verifiable legal jobs and made a list.

What do you think which job must have topped the list? CEOs, Engineers, Lawyers, etc. ?

And what about dentistry? Have a look at the complete list …

This listing is based on the findings of Forbes. As we can see from the table, Dentistry and Specialized Dentistry is a big catch in the USA and European countries. But what is the situation for a dentist in South Asia or Middle east countries? Is it as lucrative as it is for USA/European Dentists?

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to See a Price Comparison of Dental Procedures in Indian Subcontinent & USA

Just see this price comparison (Prices of Dental Treatment in India & Their Relative Prices in the USA)

The picture above shows a chart comparing the prices of dental treatment in USA & India (N.B – The prices in India for Dental Treatments is nearly the same as the prices in other South Asian Countries.)

The American/European Dentists earn approximately 10 times more than their Indian/ South Asian counterparts. The sheer difference between the annual incomes of an American & Indian dentist is staggering. There is an increasing demand for Specialist Dentists both in USA/European and Asian countries.


Problems of Such Staggering Price Difference

  1. European & American dentists become the maximum earning dentists in the world. More inflow of cash results in uniform financial growth for dentists. This money also goes in to the modernisation of the dental clinical set up.
  2. This enormous earning capacity for American/ European dentists makes this a very lucrative career option attracting best-talented students to go for it. It is in stark contrast to countries in the Indian Subcontinent where dentistry as a viable career option is diminishing in popularity.
  3. In Indian subcontinent the Dentistry as a curriculum is still a costly investment. And with time it has become more and more confusing for the young graduates to gain a foot hold. The yearly earning capital of majority of the young new dentists is small compared to the American dentists. This has lead to an overall dissatisfaction and unhappiness related to dentistry and that is not good for the future of the dental profession.


Advantages that the Price Difference Provides

  1. The high cost of dental treatment in western countries have given rise to a practice called “Dental Tourism”
  2. Patients from the western world travel to the Indian subcontinent and the South Asian countries and get their dental treatment dome from the most experienced and high cost dentists over here. Even then their expenditure in less than half they would spend in their own country. Hence this does open new market for the dentists in the Indian Subcontinent. But only the popular, experienced and long standing dentists are able to tap in to this market.
  3. South Asian countries and Indian subcontinent together constitute more than half of the world population and its approximately 50 billion dollar market. With proper planning, every dentist can have a piece of it.
  4. This enormous market is compelling big health companies to open corporate dental chains in all the major cities there by increasing the employment chances.

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Why The Western Dentists Are Doing So Well Financially Compared To Dentists In Indian Subcontinent ?


Why Are The Western Dentists Doing So Well Financially Compared To Dentists In Indian Subcontinent?

As per Forbes dentistry is one of the most highly paying job in the world for 3 straight years 2013, 2014, 2015. They literally earn millions and are one of the highest tax payers in their country. Now when the Forbes means the world – its taking an average of the leading countries being United States,European countries & Middle Eastern countries like Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi.

And its a fact that the dentists in Western & Gulf Countries, starting from a general dentist to specialist dentist, all have an excellent professional life and foremost a high living standard.

But is it the same in India & other South Asian Countries?

I guess not.

As of 2015, the dentistry as a profession and earning opportunity is at a decline. Dentistry is no more seen as a lucrative or long term career proposition.


Its a fact that even dental hygienists or technicians in Western and Gulf countries make more money than the new BDS/MDS of India 2015.

In Pictures – Dentist in Abroad

Situation of New Dentists in India

In this post, we will try to know why there is such a difference between the dentists of abroad and India.

Here are the Top 10 reasons why a dentist in USA/EUROPE is ten times more RICHER.

The reasons are very straightforward. You will Laugh at it and think why it’s not possible here in Indian Subcontinent?

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to Know the 1st reason

1. Increased awareness among the citizens

It’s a fact that citizens of western and gulf countries are much more aware of their oral health than an average Indian.

For an Indian consumer, visiting a dentist is at somewhere low on the list of priority. The visit to a dentist is required only when there is a tooth pain.

But in western and gulf countries the need of patients have moved beyond just reducing the dental pain. There people are now looking at dentistry as a necessary cosmetic improvement with pain management. People want to look good & attractive. In those scheme of things dentist is well sought after.

“On … it has been six months … I need to visit my dentist … My smile should be good.”

Thinking of abroad patient

In India barring the metros to some extent, dental awareness is only limited to pain management and extraction. It’s not yet seen as a tool to improve the overall personality. Thus the pay is low and patient are not comfortable paying the correct amount which they feel is very high.

Oh … RCT is so costly !… Doc I want to extract my tooth.

It is here the New Gen Indian Dentist is losing

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… Its Number’s Game …


2. Huge Number of Dentists

 It is the cause why new generation Indian Dentists are suffering. The sheer number dentists coming out is HUGE !!!

Per year 30,000 BDS graduates

(Govt + Private Combined)

Private colleges in last five years have produced so many BDS graduates that it has now become a huge problem.

In 3 years there are 1 lakh BDS graduates

” Where are the patients “

Where is the market to accommodate then all ???  This results in decrease in valuation. Its a simple logic. You over-flood the market with a product. What will happen ?? The prices will fall. Due to huge number of dental graduates the prices of treatment are ever decreasing. To retain the patient dentists are willing to compromise with the prices . Patients are bargaining with new graduates.

The situation in western and gulf countries :

                                                           Am going to be a dentist and in demand:)

Dentists are limited in number. Why ??

The cost of dental education is extremely high, and the selection process is very stringent. Unlike India where anyone can become a dentist (You need to have money) in the USA very very few get selected to be a dentist.

Apparently, when they pass out, they are required by the health sector. Also, they maintain a uniformity of price. All this leads to a real and respectful income as a professional.

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 Dental Quacks earn millions of Dentist Money.

3. Market with Dental Quacks and ” Chalta Hai ” Attitude

You won’t believe the sheer number of the dental quacks in the Indian dental market. They are not visible, but they are still there and slowly eating away the revenue of certified dentists.

You can say “we should just root them out.” But it’s not that easy. The quakes have also evolved.

From road side dentistry they have started taking furnished rooms with AC and TV 🙂

Every year they are making millions of money in fees that should go to the certified dentists.

And because of ” Chalta Hai ” attitude of ours … nothing serious is happening for this issue.

Old Generation Dental Quakes

New Generation Dental Quakes

In Western & gulf countries dental practice regulations are strictly implemented. Any body practicing dentistry without a degree is put behind bars for a long time. It has helped to stream line the entire dental industry that ultimately is benefiting the dentists and their patients.

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No Unity Among Dentists

4.  Unity Among Dentists

It is one major point that is almost absent in the Indian Dental Sector. Other south Asian markets not affected by this trend as much as the Indian dental market.

Indian Dental Field has two divisions – seniors practitioners & young fresh professionals.

You have to understand that the Indian mentality is that the longer you are sitting on the market, the more branded you are as a dentist. Patients start flocking you for treatment, and the dentist ends up making enough money. It was the case with all the senior dentists who had passed 10 to 15 years back.

But for the new dentists, (2016 and beyond) the scenario has changed completely. Life style cost has increased and they have to compete with hundreds of other new dentists. In all this inner competition there is no uniformity in the profession. The prices for treatment vary a lot. Some keep it too cheap and to compete with that another dentist also reduces the price.


All this doesn’t affect the senior practitioners as they are already well settled and established as a brand. They just don’t care anymore as they are now reaping the benefits of their long years of being in the market.

They decide their own prices (different and higher from what young and new dentists charge) which patients pay them without any question and the young graduates are left to fight the battle within themselves. As a result young dentist end up making life difficult for each other.

In western countries, there is a proper governing body that also keeps regulation on the prices of the dental treatment. This system guard that the patients do not get exploited and the dentists also get their due. No doubt dentists over there lead a very low-stress life compared to Indian dentists and earn a lot more.

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Why American Dentists are Rich

The Price Comparision

5. Price Comparison Between the Dentist Prices in India & USA 

After all the above points now its time to compare the prices of the various dental treatments and you will have a complete picture.

The difference in prices are mind boggling 😀

What’s the Solution?

The Solution is not that simple. India is very different from other countries. It’s vast with lots of languages. There is a deep-rooted class division in the society. In general between Rich & Poor.

So what works for the USA might not work for India. But Indian regulatory bodies can learn from Western and Gulf countries how to manage and streamline the dental sector in India.

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It’s a game of millions & billions & lavish lifestyle.

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