TOP 10  Holywood Movies With Dentists In Major Roles

Check out the interesting collection of some of the Hollywood dentists where dentists played a major role - from being romantics to outright psychos.

TOP 10  Holywood Movies With Dentists In Major Roles


Every year the Oscar season grips the world!

In 2016, Leonardo De Caprio has won his first Oscar trophy as the best actor (after so many misses) for the movie Revenant. I can imagine his happy dance after winning the Oscar.

Everyone loves movies including you! We love hearing stories and fell connected to the movies we like.

So, as a dentist, I thought let’s recap some of the movies that have “Dentists” as the major or supporting characters.

How difficult can it be?

Let me tell you that it was a difficult task.

Most of the movies & shows have presented dentist as a caricature. They are hardly projected as a physician.

For example, take one of the most popular movies – The Hangover. Ed Helms’ character Stu in The Hangover When he refers to himself as a “Doctor” in front of a hotel receptionist, Phil (Bradley Cooper) is quick to refute his friend: “Doctor Price?  Stu, you’re a dentist.  Don’t try and get fancy.”

Stu! You are a Dentist! Don’t get Fancy!

However, we, dentists, are too busy to be crying over such silly comments.

With a little bit of salt, it was really funny to check out all the major dentist characters in movies.

It’s a wide array of dentist roles – from Romantic dentist to Psycho dentist!

So, if you are a dentist and love movies, then this post is tailor made for you. You will find a fantastic list of movies with dentists are protagonists and playing significant characters – from romance and comedy to being outrageously Psycho

Don’t Forget to See The No.1  Movie with Dentist as the Character at the end of this article

So, Let’s start the countdown …

11. Marathon Man (John Schlesinger, 1976)

The most famous – and fearsome – screen dentist of all.

Laurence Olivier played Nazi war criminal Christian Szell with grim relish, and it was his pivotal scene in John Schlesinger’s endlessly gripping chase/revenge thriller that drilled the phrase “Is it safe?”

A very very chilling Dental Villain ! 

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10.Inherent Vice (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2014) 


As a libidinous coke-sniffing dentist called Dr. Rudy Blatnoyd, Martin Short nearly steals the show in Paul Thomas Anderson’s woozily intoxicating adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel. It is a hilariously over-the-top characterization, played with manic brio by Short.


9.Ghost Town (David Koepp, 2008) 


This dentist incarnation in the movie was a truly hilarious take. It was funny and at the same time intelligent. Its a town of Ghost and the Dentist character has the power to see and talk with them. You can already imagine the fun that will be there in the movie.

In his first significant movie role, Ricky Gervais manages to extract several cringe-inducing laughs as Bertram Pincus, a misanthropic British dentist with a peculiar condition: he is the only person in New York who can see and talk to the ghosts that haunt the city. With hints of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and Harold Ramis’s Groundhog Day, this is a gently amusing, sentimental tale of redemption and transformation.

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No. 8 & 7 Dentist Based Holywood Movie 

8. Finding Nemo (Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich, 2003)

How can anyone ever forget the Dentist, his clinic & his niece in the all-time classic Animation movie “Finding Nemo”. Though it was a very traditional portal of a dentist, still its one of the major scenes – that puts the movie on course.

©Walt Disney Pictures

Moreover, can any forget the Dangerous niece the dentist that terrified the Fishes :O

It was really funny! 

7.Thumbsuckerfunny!Mills (2005)


As the name of the movie, its based upon thumb sucking habit.

Moreover, Guess who plays the dentist??

Our own Neo – Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves as a metaphysically inclined dentist? It was a curious bit of casting in this appealing mumblecore movie from a few years back – but it worked. It was a coming of age movie where a kid was having a chronic thumb sucking habit and low in confidence, gains confidence.

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N0.6 & 5 Dentist Movie in Holywood

6.Eversmile, New Jersey

(Carlos Sorin, 1989)

Fergus O’Connell, an itinerant Irish dentist, offers his services free-of-charge to the isolated rural population of Patagonia, in Argentina. He can do so because of the supposedly no-strings sponsorship of a “dental consciousness” foundation. While his motorbike is being repaired, O’Connell meets Estela, the garage-owner’s daughter, and they quickly become affectionate towards each other.

Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis played the role of the dentist.

Both lovers have the prior commitment: he is married, and she is engaged. They go off together all the same. After a series of bizarre adventures, O’Connell discovers that there’s a subliminal price tag attached to his altruistic free services.

5.The Whole Nine Yards (Jonathan Lynn, 2000) 

Nicholas “Oz” Oseransky (Matthew Perry) is a Quebec dentist from Chicago, who happens to be genuinely likable to almost everyone who knows him.

Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends) stars as the debt-ridden dentist “Oz” Oseransky, who learns that his new neighbor (Bruce Willis) is a mafia hitman in hiding, and grasses on him to collect the reward.

It is a funny movie with a dentist as a central character going after a mafia hitman.

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No.4 & 3 Dentist Movie in Holywood 

4.Novocaine (David Atkins, 2002)

If there was ever a movie on romance between a dentist & his patient, then this is the one.

Steve Martin plays the role of a successful dentist. He stars as Frank Sangster, a man whose comfortable existence running a successful LA practice is shattered after an unlikely liaison with a femme fatale patient (expertly played by Helena Bonham Carter).

However, the movie is very suspenseful under the romance, and the ending will catch you by surprise.

Surprise in all the Dental Sense & Novocaine! 

3.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton, 2005)

You must have seen ” Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.”

Jhonny Deep plays the lead character as Willy Wonka.

Moreover, guess what’s his father is in the movie?

A Dentist and makes the young Wonka wears a big Orthodontics Brace!

Well, chocolate can cause caries 😀

You already know that!

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No.2 & 1 Dentist Movie in the World

2.The Dentist (Leslie Pearce, 1932)

Old is Gold!

Sometimes the statement is more than truth!

One of the earliest movies with the dentist as a focal character.

Fields play a dentist whose daughter desires to marry an ice-delivery man. He disapproves of this match, especially after she attempts to elope with her lover. Fields lock her up in an upstairs room, above his dental office, where she proceeds to stamp her feet, causing plaster chunks to fall as he attempts to treat his patients.

Various patients with unusual physical traits (a tall “horse”-faced woman, a tiny, densely bearded man) arrive at the office, and he attempts to use his dental drill on them without any apparent painkiller.

With one of his patients (Elise Cavanna), he engages in a close wrestling match as he attempts to extract a painful tooth.

It is tough to get a copy of this movie. However, if you can manage to get a copy then do tell us also.

1.The Man Who Knew Too Much (Alfred Hitchcock, 1934)

Interesting fact about this Hitchcock thriller starring Leslie Banks: the famous dentist scene, to which Marathon Man’s “Is it safe?” sequence owes a great deal of debt, was initially intended to take place in a barbershop.

Indeed, it was only when Hitchcock saw the film I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, which features a scene in a barbershop just like it, that he changed the setting to dental surgery. Hitchcock would later remake TMWTM, in 1956, with James Stewart and Doris Day in the lead roles.

The Famous Dentist Scene

The famous dentist scene in the world!

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The 2 Best Movie Ever with Dentists as a Romantic Hero/Drama

For me as a Dentist, these 2 movies must get Oscar 

Best Dentist Movie # 1 

Good Luck Chuck

This movie follows the story of Chuck, A Dentist & How he finds and gets his true love after a lot of funny affairs and situations. A great popcorn and time pass movie. You can easily see the film. Watch it and have fun.

Make sure you do not watch it with your parents 😀

Best Dentist Movie # 2

David (Campbell Scott) and Dana Hurst (Hope Davis) are dentists who are married with three daughters and share a dental practice in Westchester County, New York.

Dana is in the chorus of a community opera production, and when David goes backstage to give her a good luck charm, he sees her in the arms of another man.

As he contemplates how to handle this, he begins having imaginary conversations with a problematic former patient (Denis Leary). When the whole family gets the flu, everything is brought to a head.

It is one of the best drama movies based on Dentist as a character.

Well, that is some the best Hollywood Movies featuring Dentists. What are you waiting for, start looking for the movies and watch them?

Happy Movies!

Oops, Happy Dentist Movies!

By the way, you would have noticed that in most of the movies dentists are mocked directly or indirectly if they are actually a doctor or not. Though most of the times we neglect this nonsense question, however, it still hurts us. In the post below a young dentist fed up, with this notion has written a very practical article – “Are Dentists Doctors?”