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The UAE is a federation of seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain. Political power is concentrated in Abu Dhabi, which controls the vast majority of the UAE’s economic and resource wealth. The two largest emirates — Abu Dhabi and Dubai — provide over 80% of the UAE’s income. UAE and Middle east countries are emerging fast as the ultimate destination for dental graduates (BDS/MDS). The reason being high pay and a cosmopolitan lifestyle of Dubai. This article will try to give you all the basic information that you must know as a dental student.

(N.B: Please Note that this article is written from information gathered from internet sources & the experiences of past students who have previously tried for MOH Exams. This article is just for the benefit of students and to provide them the initial information. The rules and regulations keep changing. So, before deciding to act on any information, contact the official sources for the latest regulations. Never pay any unverified third party who claim to get the license easily.

This article is NOT an alternative to official sources. In the last slide of the article, the links to the official websites have been provided. So, always check the official sites and the latest updated rules at the time of your trying for the exam)


All the health professionals who seek to work in UAE must appear for MOH examination and get qualified for work in UAE. Evaluation of the below categories is done in MOH Examination and separate exams conducted for the following professions.

  1. Physicians and Dentists
  2. Pharmacists and Assistants
  3. Nurses and Midwives
  4. Technicians
  5. Physicians, Practitioners, and Technicians of the Complementary and Alternative

3 different Health Ministries functioning in UAE:

  1. MOH which is Ministry of Health passing the MOH you are allowed to work in 5 emirates but not in Dubai or Abudhabi.
  2. DHA – Dubai Health Authority (previously known as DOHMS – Department of Health and Medical Services) DHA registration is required for working in Dubai.
  3. GAH which is General Authority of Health Exam or usually know as MOH/Abu Dhabi.


(For Physicians & Dentists)

  • All the certificates for GP doctors must be granted by universities recognized and also recognized by the WHO listing.
  • All Qualifications and experience certificates must be legally translated (Other than English/ Arabic), attested and authenticated with approved seals from the Ministry of Foreign Affair in the country where the certificate has issued, UAE embassy/Council in the country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates and according to the assets used in the Ministry.
  • The original certificates must be presented at the time of receiving the Evaluation Certificate for verification.
  • The minimum requirement to be qualified for the exam is basic medicine degree from a recognized university or college. Furthermore, the internship and experience should not be less than (3) years (one-year internship + two years’ experience after internship).
  • Good Standing Certificate is MANDATORY and required from the responsible Health Authority  in the Country of Origin which issues the License with approved seals and attestations from the Ministry of Foreign Affair in the country where the certificate has issued, UAE embassy/Council in the country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates and according to the assets used in the Ministry.

  • Eligibility Letters from HAAD/DHA is not accepted by MOH. Applicant MUST have the HAAD/DHA License and Good Standing Certificates to be excluded from the MOH exam. We will not consider HAAD/DHA License or Good Standing Certificate if the candidate had failed in the MOH exams.

  •  Passport is MANDATORY Identification to be uploaded in the Evaluation System.

  • GP who do not qualify as above will not be accepted to sit for the GP pro-metric exam.

  • In case, of interruption or stoppage of practicing the work for a period of two years, the applicants will not be eligible to apply to the Ministry of Health exam.

  • The applicants who failed in the pro-metric exam and got the evaluation from DHA /HAAD Authorities are NOT eligible for MOH evaluation unless they appear for GP pro-metric exam.

  • The applicants will be given a chance of three times to attend the exam. Furthermore, the fourth chance of entering the exam will be after a year from the last examination date, however, a certificate of clinical experience should be provided.

  • In the case of failure for the fourth time, the admission file will be canceled.

  • The candidates who did not meet the requirement of experience shall be evaluated with a lesser degree than the legally approved degree, to be re-evaluated after receiving the required expertise (start GP = less than 5 years after internship/ Full GP = 5 years after internship).

  • The mentioned requirements are MUST and will be applied with NO exceptions.
  • Supported documents can ONLY be uploaded after the registration is verified and accepted. Furthermore, you are NOT allowed to send any documents or CVs unless the committee asked you to do so.

  • Diploma Holders of ANY specialties has to do the GP pro metric exam first followed by Interviews after 6 months.

  • Be informed that the registration MOH fee is 100 Electronic Dirhams. Extra fee to be paid for the Pro-metric exam via online Master Card/ Visa card, e-Dirham and American Express ONLY.

  • The reports issued from pro metric are not a certified by MOH. The Validity of the GP exam is ONE YEAR.

Additional Important Notifications

  1. Kindly be informed that ALL MOH exams are conducted in ENGLISH.
  2. For R-number Eligibility technical problems (and Prometric issues), kindly email Mr.Mohammed:
  3. For any queries for the Data Flow please contact
  4. Be informed that the registration MOH fee is 100 Electronic Dirhams for physicians.
  5. Extra fee to be paid for the third party (Data Flow) for auditing and verifying the documents via online Master Card/ Visa card, e-Dirham and American Express ONLY.
  6. Extra fee to be paid for Prometric exams via online Master Card/ Visa card, e-Dirham and American Express ONLY. – Fees are NOT refundable under any circumstances.
  7. The Validity of the ALL exam is ONE YEAR ONLY.

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