Email Marketing for Dentists: An Extensive Review

One of the most powerful modes to market your dental practice is the use of Emails. Yes, you heard it right! The good old Emails. In this article, we will discuss in detail on how a dentist can use the power of email to market a dental practice and take it to the next level.

We are talking about how dentists can leverage the power of email for the growth of their dental practice. In the previous slide, we discussed the benefits of email marketing. In this slide, we will see – what are the various ways to build an effective email subscriber list?

#2. How to Build An Email Subscriber List?

In the previous paragraph, we talked about the advantages that an email marketing campaign has over the social media marketing. So, the next obvious question is – How to build an Email subscriber list? 

Email Marketing for Dental Practice

Before you can plan to start your email based connectivity, you need the real emails of people. This will consist of your old patients and also the future prospective clients. Use the simple points mentioned below to collect authentic emails:

Online collection of Email ids:

For collecting the emails you will need to have an Email Signup form. You can put this Email collection form on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Linkedin profile or on your website.

It is very easy to do. There are online services that help you to create and add email subscriber form to your online assets. If you want to add email subscriber form to your social media platforms then you can use services like Shortrask, Tabsite & Antavo.

At we use the online services of Get Site Control to collect the Email of interested readers who visit our website. We try to make sure the Email subscription box is as less intrusive as possible. At the same time, it gives the website readers an option to connect with us by providing us their email id, if they choose to.

Email Marketing for Dentists

On location collection of Email ids:

You also have the option to collect the Email ids from your patients on location in your dental practice. It is very simple. You just need to add a space for the email in the patient filling form in your dental practice. Check out a demo patient registration form below.

Many doctors have been collecting the email ids for years but have never put it to any use. So, do not repeat the same mistake. From today onwards, start collecting patient emails and keep a record of it. Even if you collect 100 emails in 3 months, it is a great result. You have potential 100 happy patients to connect with on a regular basis. With time this list will keep on increasing.

Once you are ready with an email subscriber list, then the next step is to send emails to your contacts that will connect with them and also propagate a positive message about your dental practice.

#3. Types of Marketing Emails that Dentists can use

The types of Emails that a dentist can use for marketing are little different from the ones used in corporate marketing. The end point of corporate emails is to drive home the sell. Many times people just ignore it but big corporates are not much affected by it. Their email marketing is in millions, so few thousands ignore does not matter.

Email Marketing For Dentists

But as a dentist, you are reaching to a selected few individuals. So, you cannot afford to be ignored. At the same time, you also cannot afford to irritate your contacts. So, the emails that you send must be useful to them in terms of their health and also provide some information about your dental practice.

1. Appointment Reminder: This is to be used for the patients who are having a future appointment. Along with the appointment reminder, you can also add the latest offers & treatment modules available for the patients.

Benefit: Patients always appreciate a timely reminder. In the busy day to day work, they tend to forget about dental appointments. The appointment reminder letter installs a faith about your dental practice.

Check out a demo email marketing mail for a dental brand.

Dental Email Marketing


2. News Letters with Promotion: This type of email marketing can be used to reach all the patients who have visited your dental practice or have subscribed to your online profiles (website, social media etc.). These are promotional emails but in the guise of awareness. In these newsletters, you can add useful oral health information along with the additions in your dental practice. You can also provide special coupons to the patients and their families.

Benefit: A regular newsletter marketing keeps the visibility of your dental practice in front of the previous patients and also in front of the future clients.

3. News Letters with Social Works Message: If you want to make a name in your community as a dentist, then you need to carry out community works. So, whenever you are starting with your next social work you can send out a personal marketing email to your old patients and website subscribers to inform them about the event. You can also invite them to join the event.

Irrespective of whether they attend the event or not, this type of email marketing creates a positive vibe about your dental practice. This kind of social work initiatives always creates a good word of mouth promotion for the dental practices. It also establishes your individual brand as a dentist withing the community. 

Benefit: Dentistry is, after all, a locally based venture, which means to succeed you will need to support and good will of the people in your locality and around it. Hence it is always wise to do socially based activities to make yourself known in your local community. This has a great potential in the long run.

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In the next slide, we will see how can we write a great marketing Email for your dental practice that your patients will like and respond.

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