Email Marketing for Dentists: An Extensive Review

We are talking about how dentists can leverage the power of email for the growth of their dental practice. Till now, we have covered 3 points in the previous slide. Next, we will look at how to write a great marketing email to send to patients and your subscribers.

#4. How To Write a Great Dental Marketing Email

Now comes the real action. You have to write a good Email addressing your patients. The real task is making the Email personal and nor make it appear like one more marketing email that people receive every day in their inbox.

You have the option to make the Email very attractive using online services. Something like the picture below.

Dental Email Marketing

But with growing filters being employed by the email servers, design heavy emails are getting flagged or being placed in the promotion tab of the inbox.

As per my personal preference, it is always better to write short personal emails (which do not look like marketing emails) and addressing it directly to the patient. This kind of email looks like the picture below.

This type of Email is more personal and most of the times land in the inbox of the recipient. We will see more about this towards the end of this article. But for now, you can follow these points while crafting a marketing email for your dental practice.

1. Keep The Headline To The Point & Appealing:

Keep the headline short, crisp and to the point. Very long email heading subject – appears intimidating and spammy. Very short, then you do not convey your message properly. Many times it is just the email heading that decides if the patient/client is going to open your mail.

2. Create a timetable or schedule of Emails that you plan to send:

It is a fact that, regularity builds up trust. In the case of email marketing for your dental practice, it holds true. Also, in the case of email marketing, the cardinal rule is “Less is More”.

An ideal case of sending the marketing mail for your dental practice is Once or maximum twice a month. You cross this thin border, then you become an irritant to the email receiver.

3. Share links to informative contents: We have already discussed in detail about the benefits of having a dental website and why every dentist must have a dental website. Once you have a dental website, you need to write good quality dental articles. Share the links to those articles in the email.

4. Ask their opinion and views: Always end the mail, asking the opinion the reader. The goal is to invite them into the conversation and make them feel the part of the whole process. Also feel free to add the testimonials of past patients. Testimonials are always a great way to boost confidence in your dental practice, especially if you are trying to reach, new patients via email.

5. Provide your social and real life proof: 

When you email to market your dental practice, then it is highly imperative that you provide a complete social and real-life proof. There is nothing more “out of place” feeling for an email receiver than opening a mail on a dental practice but no associated proof attached to it.

Hence, it is highly important that you, provide all the necessary proof.

  • Provide links to your website & social media profiles.
  • Provide you complete practice address with email, phone number, and associated contact information.

The points mentioned above are just some of the basics of how to craft an email for the marketing of your dental practice. It is a vast subject to discuss. But if you follow the 5 points mentioned above, that should be adequate for the marketing of your dental practice.

#5. What are the various tools for Email Marketing?

Till now we have discussed many basic points on email marketing. Now we have reached the stage where we need to know about the various tools that are available to a dentist to carry out the email marketing. We will try to keep it simple without making it too complicated.

For your email marketing, you have two types of options

You can use exclusive Email marketing tools (Mailchimp, Convertkit etc.)


You can use email marketing using your Gmail id.

Email Marketing Tools (MailChimp etc.):  These are the exclusive email marketing companies that are dedicated to sending millions of marketing emails every day. The main difference here is that the entire process of composing the email and sending it to all your email contacts takes place outside and independent of your primary email id.

In these kinds of email marketing, you do not need to open your Gmail inbox and compose a mail. You will have to compose and design the marketing email within the email marketing company website. For example, you will need to log in to MailChimp website, compose a marketing email and send it to your email contact.

Pros: You can create very sleek and attractive looking marketing emails. (like the picture above)

Cons: The major problem is that most of the marketing emails sent via email marketing companies are landing up in the promotion tabs of the recipient’s inbox. This is happening due to the security filters being used by Gmail and Yahoo. As the emails that you are sending are NOT originating from Google or Yahoo servers, they are getting filtered and landing up in Promotions Tab. How many times have you actively checked your promotions tab in your inbox?

Email Marketing For Dentists

Use for dentists: This type of email marketing is more appropriates for big corporates who send emails to millions of recipients. For an individual dentist or a group of dentists, it is not of much use because of the high pricing, a limited number of recipients, and the fact that most of the promotional emails will end up in the promotion tab of the recipient’s inbox (they may not even open the mail).

The article continues in the next slide.

In the next slide, we will see how dentists can use Gmail for email marketing of their dental practice.

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