What Are The Top Career Options After Dental Graduation (BDS/MDS)

In this article, we are going to discuss all the career options that are available to a Dentist after Dental Graduation/School. The job scenarios listed in this article are more relevant to Dentists residing in India. Compared to western countries, where entrepreneurial activities are more, in India, there is always that desire for government jobs. This article lists most of the career options that are available to a BDS graduate in India.


Before joining dentistry as a career choice, a young student has no idea about the difficulties that he/she is going to face. Most of us do this mistake of thinking that doing BDS ensures a smooth career with easy and high financial returns.

By the time a BDS student completes internship this dream breaks and he/she comes face to face with the stark and hard realities.

Everything is no more as easy they had imagined.

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Please buckle up, it’s a long article with a lot of information especially for young Dental Graduates.

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The information in this article is collected from the experience of many past BDS/MDS students.

So Let’s Start and Solve the Mystery of What After BDS?

In the next few slides, we will decode all the career options that are available to a fresh dental graduate. Please note that the career scenario is dynamic. New options keep coming in and some old ones keep going out. Many times some old job scenarios revive. There are private & government options also. So you have a lot to consider and decide and it’s not going to be easy.

So, check out all the slides which will help you in making an informed decision.

1st Career Option of “What After BDS”


In India, in the phase between 2004 to 2010, MDS was the golden option after BDS. The reason being after MDS there were high chances to join colleges as a faculty. That ensured a steady salaried income. By 2016 and beyond the scenario has changed. Staff positions in colleges are few due to the very high number of MDS degree holders in the market. But still, there is value in doing MDS as it will give you the additional clinical knowledge that you can use in your clinical practice.

By 2016 and beyond the scenario has changed. Staff positions in colleges are few due to the very high number of MDS degree holders in the market seeking jobs. Simply speaking there is hardly any faculty job left.

But still, there is value in doing MDS as it will give you the additional clinical knowledge that you can use in your clinical practice.

For certain persons, whose parents are already into dentistry things are little easier.

But such cases are an exception and if you are a first-time dentist in your family without any proper financial backup/understanding of the dental profession, then the things can be a little difficult. In such a scenario you can’t afford to have a laid back attitude.

You need to plan, decide & execute without wasting much time in thinking. You are already into the golden period of your youth and there is no time to waste.

In India MDS/Post Graduation in Dentistry can be done in both Govt. & Private colleges.

You must be knowing the latest rulings by Supreme Court that NEET (Single Exam for admission Health Sciences UG/PG seats) is going to be the official & the only way to get into dental colleges (Govt. & Private) for MDS/Post Graduation.

What does NEET mean for you?

  1. Admission to all the approved MDS seats in India will be done by a single exam.
  2. Colleges cannot carry out independent exams and give admissions.
  3. To get an MDS the candidate must get a minimum qualifying mark in NEET.
  4. After that the admissions to all the colleges – private and govt. will be based on the NEET merit list.
  5. This will create a fair field for all the students and definitely reduce the cost of education as colleges cannot give admission to anyone out of the merit list. (by asking for more money)
  6. The bottom line is just having a good financial background will not guarantee that a dentist can secure a MDS seat.
  7. Money or no money, every student will now be forced to study, qualify the NEET exam and fare well in the merit list.

Once you qualify, then depending on your rank and the seats available by the time you are called for counseling,  you might get a Government or a Private seat.

Govt. MDS seats will have very low tuition fees. (as the education cost is sponsored by the State or Central Government)

Private colleges will have higher tuition prices per year

(approximating 5 Lakhs or more per year which might vary from college to college).

A long standing & reputed private institute will have higher tuition fees due to the better quality of education, equipment & overhead charges to manage everything.

Hence prepare well for NEET exams so that you qualify and get into MDS/Post Graduation

What’s the use of MDS in clinical practice?

  • Leaving aside the chance for an academic career, a MDS degree in streams like Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics & Orthodontics makes you an expert in one of the mentioned specialized dental skills.
  • This adds another valuable skill set to your dental practice which is your brand.  Also, patients psychologically feel that a dentist with the higher degree has more credibility (this is debatable as many experienced BDS practitioners are performing much better than any MDS). But here I am saying about the mindset of patients.
  • Also, there is a respect value associated with MDS though that is also relative.

But then the question arises – How to prepare for MDS / NEET exams? It can be a very daunting task. It not only demands a lot of hard work but also time (in months or years). Even after all the time and hard work, there are no guarantee that you will clear the NEET or get a chance to join a Govt. college.

DentalOrg.com in association with 2 of the best authors in the field of MDS/NEET preparation have arranged two best articles on NEET Exams.


Your friendly Dr.Deb is back again and Proud & Privileged to present a brand new series of articles on MDS Entrance Preparation by one of the Living Legend in the field of dentistry. This series of Article is Written By DR. GOWRI SHANKAR .


N.B – This article is talks about the NEET Exams. They NEET was proposed to start and notifications also came in that regard but by court orders it was cancelled in 2013. But there are news in the social media that NEET might be revived.

N.B – NEET  exams have been made official and the admissions to all the MDS seats for the year 2017 & beyond will be made through the NEET Exams.

2nd Option: What After BDS

“Working as Staff in a College”

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