What Are The Top Career Options After Dental Graduation (BDS/MDS)

In this article, we are going to discuss all the career options that are available to a Dentist after Dental Graduation/School. The job scenarios listed in this article are more relevant to Dentists residing in India. Compared to western countries, where entrepreneurial activities are more, in India, there is always that desire for government jobs. This article lists most of the career options that are available to a BDS graduate in India.


Before joining dentistry as a career choice, a young student has no idea about the difficulties that he/she is going to face. Most of us do this mistake of thinking that doing BDS ensures a smooth career with easy and high financial returns.

By the time a BDS student completes internship this dream breaks and he/she comes face to face with the stark and hard realities.

Everything is no more as easy they had imagined.

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Please buckle up, it’s a long article with a lot of information especially for young Dental Graduates.

By the time you finish reading this article you will have a much better idea as to what to do after BDS?

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The information in this article is collected from the experience of many past BDS/MDS students.

So Let’s Start and Solve the Mystery of What After BDS?

In the next few slides, we will decode all the career options that are available to a fresh dental graduate. Please note that the career scenario is dynamic. New options keep coming in and some old ones keep going out. Many times some old job scenarios revive. There are private & government options also. So you have a lot to consider and decide and it’s not going to be easy.

So, check out all the slides which will help you in making an informed decision.

1st Career Option of “What After BDS”


In India, in the phase between 2004 to 2010, MDS was the golden option after BDS. The reason being after MDS there were high chances to join colleges as a faculty. That ensured a steady salaried income. By 2016 and beyond the scenario has changed. Staff positions in colleges are few due to the very high number of MDS degree holders in the market. But still, there is value in doing MDS as it will give you the additional clinical knowledge that you can use in your clinical practice.

By 2016 and beyond the scenario has changed. Staff positions in colleges are few due to the very high number of MDS degree holders in the market seeking jobs. Simply speaking there is hardly any faculty job left.

But still, there is value in doing MDS as it will give you the additional clinical knowledge that you can use in your clinical practice.

For certain persons, whose parents are already into dentistry things are little easier.

But such cases are an exception and if you are a first-time dentist in your family without any proper financial backup/understanding of the dental profession, then the things can be a little difficult. In such a scenario you can’t afford to have a laid back attitude.

You need to plan, decide & execute without wasting much time in thinking. You are already into the golden period of your youth and there is no time to waste.

In India MDS/Post Graduation in Dentistry can be done in both Govt. & Private colleges.

You must be knowing the latest rulings by Supreme Court that NEET (Single Exam for admission Health Sciences UG/PG seats) is going to be the official & the only way to get into dental colleges (Govt. & Private) for MDS/Post Graduation.

What does NEET mean for you?

  1. Admission to all the approved MDS seats in India will be done by a single exam.
  2. Colleges cannot carry out independent exams and give admissions.
  3. To get an MDS the candidate must get a minimum qualifying mark in NEET.
  4. After that the admissions to all the colleges – private and govt. will be based on the NEET merit list.
  5. This will create a fair field for all the students and definitely reduce the cost of education as colleges cannot give admission to anyone out of the merit list. (by asking for more money)
  6. The bottom line is just having a good financial background will not guarantee that a dentist can secure a MDS seat.
  7. Money or no money, every student will now be forced to study, qualify the NEET exam and fare well in the merit list.

Once you qualify, then depending on your rank and the seats available by the time you are called for counseling,  you might get a Government or a Private seat.

Govt. MDS seats will have very low tuition fees. (as the education cost is sponsored by the State or Central Government)

Private colleges will have higher tuition prices per year

(approximating 5 Lakhs or more per year which might vary from college to college).

A long standing & reputed private institute will have higher tuition fees due to the better quality of education, equipment & overhead charges to manage everything.

Hence prepare well for NEET exams so that you qualify and get into MDS/Post Graduation

What’s the use of MDS in clinical practice?

  • Leaving aside the chance for an academic career, a MDS degree in streams like Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics & Orthodontics makes you an expert in one of the mentioned specialized dental skills.
  • This adds another valuable skill set to your dental practice which is your brand.  Also, patients psychologically feel that a dentist with the higher degree has more credibility (this is debatable as many experienced BDS practitioners are performing much better than any MDS). But here I am saying about the mindset of patients.
  • Also, there is a respect value associated with MDS though that is also relative.

But then the question arises – How to prepare for MDS / NEET exams? It can be a very daunting task. It not only demands a lot of hard work but also time (in months or years). Even after all the time and hard work, there are no guarantee that you will clear the NEET or get a chance to join a Govt. college.

DentalOrg.com in association with 2 of the best authors in the field of MDS/NEET preparation have arranged two best articles on NEET Exams.


Your friendly Dr.Deb is back again and Proud & Privileged to present a brand new series of articles on MDS Entrance Preparation by one of the Living Legend in the field of dentistry. This series of Article is Written By DR. GOWRI SHANKAR .


N.B – This article is talks about the NEET Exams. They NEET was proposed to start and notifications also came in that regard but by court orders it was cancelled in 2013. But there are news in the social media that NEET might be revived.

N.B – NEET  exams have been made official and the admissions to all the MDS seats for the year 2017 & beyond will be made through the NEET Exams.

2nd Option: What After BDS

“Working as Staff in a College”

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One of the most common career options/goals after BDS/MDS is

joining dental colleges as a staff or faculty.

If you are an undergraduate (BDS), please don’t expect high salaries! You will be very lucky to have an academic job as a BDS, considering the current scenario where MDS degree holders are finding it difficult to get an academic job.

You will be very lucky to have an academic job as a BDS, considering the current scenario where MDS degree holders are finding it difficult to get an academic job.

Just use this chance as a platform to learn and prepare for your PG/NEET Exams. You can also use this time and the salary that you get to kickstart your dental practice (considering you are not ready to wait extra time to prepare only for exams). 

I have seen many BDS graduates doing both. Some lucky ones got an academic job and some didn’t. But both the groups opened their own dental practice and at the same time prepared for NEET.

You can take the help of previous aspirants and senior faculties! Even their experiences will teach you many points which might help you.

In between 2004 to 2010, joining a college after BDS/MDS was the most preferred option and such jobs were available in plenty. Most of the people who completed BDS (and a few who went on to complete MDS) during that time were able to get a job as a teaching faculty. By 2016, most of them would now be reader and professor drawing a comfortable monthly salary.

It’s a good position to be in financially. They end up earning a monthly salary from college in addition to the earnings from clinical practice.

But by 2015-16 & onwards, the situation has just reversed. At present, there is an over saturation of MDS degree holders and the jobs as staff in colleges is very limited.

Not every MDS pass out is guaranteed a job.

So, MDS as a sure shot way to get a job is slowly declining. 

In that context, the chances of a BDS to land an academic job

is even less in the present scenario.

Do MDS but don’t expect an immediate job as a staff.

You will need to try a lot of “JUGAD” to get a staff job.


Govt. service is another option. In all the states of India, there are exams to hire doctors/dentists as Govt employee. (State Govt. jobs or central govt.) These Govt. jobs that are provided are of two types – Permanent & Contractual.

Full-Time Permanent Govt. Job

(as a teaching faculty & Doctor)

If you are an MDS and you are able to secure a faculty post in Govt. Dental College your state or Central Govt. Universities like BHU, then you have hit the ultimate jackpot.

Such teaching faculty/doctor posts at Govt. Dental Colleges (starting from Asst. Prof) are permanent in nature (till 65 age) with a regular yearly increase in salary and retirement benefits. Only MDS people are eligible for these type of posts.

Full-Time Permanent Govt. Job

(as a practicing doctor for Govt.)

This post is open for both BDS and MDS. Once you qualify the exams and are selected then the state or central govt. will place you in rural or backward areas to provide the health services. These jobs are also permanent in nature with good salary and perks.

Contractual Govt. Job

(as a practicing doctor/teaching faculty for Govt)

Time to time both State and Central Govt. publishes contractual posts (limited period of 1 year to 3 year). The salary in many cases is good. The only drawback is the limited tenure of the job. This post is again open for BDS or MDS. For teaching posts, MDS are given preferences during selection. If no MDS is there during selection, then BDS candidates are selected.

Full-Time or Contractual Jobs

by Government Owned Companies

There are few Govt. undertaking companies like Nalco, NTPC, ONGC etc. that provide resident doctors/dental surgeons post for dentists. (Both BDS & MDS can apply). These posts can be contractual or full time. If selected for full time, then it can be a very good thing. Salary is good with nice saying quarters and health benefits.

“Everyone wants a Govt. Post

but it is not Easy to get one.”

Though it sounds very lucrative to get a full-time government job, but getting such a job right after dental graduation are not very common.The government has its own way of creating and publishing the job slots. Even when any Govt. job opening is posted  – it has many rules, criteria & reservation system to follow.

So, unlike in private medical & dental colleges where you might get a job if you have a backing, in Govt. jobs, it’s not that easy.

For any small irregularity (whether present in real or not) all candidates have the constitutional right to ask for RTI, approach a court and file a case against the selection process. Then the court will decide on the merit of the case. If there are indeed some irregularities or even some doubts regarding the selection procedures, then the court has all the power to cancel the entire process and start it all over again. All these causes delaying of the selection process and loss of time.

Hence, it might be a huge lucky break for you if you manage to land a full-time Govt. job.

But don’t always count on it.

We have compiled a list for you with all the probate Govt. jobs in India for Dental Graduates.


Starting from the 1st day of BDS till finally completing MDS, a young and curious student goes through a lot of changes emotionally. Let me put it keeping myself in perspective. When I joined BDS, I particularly had no idea why am I doing it.

N.B – Please note that Govt. jobs are not very frequent. They come once in a while and you need to be very alert to apply when they are out. It’s also very competitive with many applying. You can just apply and hope that you get through the selection process.

With increasing candidates, tough exam, reservation system, and many other factors – you can never be sure to get the Govt. job (until unless you have an exceptional career right from BDS to MDS with high aggregates)

So, to summarize the point, don’t be too dependent on the Government Dental Jobs.

If they come well and good. Apply for it and try your luck.

The point is you cannot just plan your career thinking that you will be definitely getting a Govt. Dental Job.

 For the 4th career option: What After BDS

Career as a Dentist in Abroad

Working as a Dentist in USA, UK, Canada, Australia


Then there is always this idea to go ABROAD.

There is the assumption that a dental career abroad is the ticket for success. But what is the current reality? Let’s assess.

In the past, it was relatively easy to go and settle abroad.

But at present, if you are a dentist in INDIA and you wish to settle in Australia, USA, Canada, UK or NewZealand it is going to need a lot of time, effort, and finance.

For example, if you wish to go to the USA, you need to pass the national board dental exam (NBDE) step 1 and 2. Once you qualify NBDE 1 & 2, then you have to pursue DDS for next 2 years.

That would take a whole lot of time and money, not to mention the latest problems and difficulties in obtaining the US visa! On top of that, you are allowed only three attempts to clear the steps!

The irony is thousands of young or experienced dentists do want to settle in abroad as a dentist, but very few have the basic idea & information about it.

Be very clear that it is not easy. It is going to cost a lot of money & it involves going to a complete new country-culture away from your comfort zone.

On top of that in today’s world, the rules for visas keep modifying and you need to be keeping a track of them.

Each country has separate rules and exams. It’s a vast topic to cover. But here at DentalOrg.com, we have made the process easy for you so that you can get the initial basic information easily. We have published separate articles for each country explaining the steps required to qualify and work as a dentist there.

Please note that these articles just provide you the basic initial information. (Official links have been provided where ever needed) By the time you start your process rules might be modified. So always check the official websites and visit the embassy of the country you want to go.

Dentistry in New Zealand | DENTALORG.COM

New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands, both marked by volcanoes and glaciation. Capital Wellington, on the North Island, is home to Te Papa Tongarewa, the expansive national museum. Wellington’s dramatic Mt.


Of all the foreign destinations that a BDS/MDS graduate can look forward to settle as a Dentist , CANADA is perhaps the most popular one right now . The reason for this can be many but the 2 main causes can be : The well balanced & developed society of Canada .


But before venturing in to any such journey a clear cut & definite idea about all the rules , regulations and finances is very necessary . If one enters such a venture without proper planning & resources , it can cause lot of tensions .


ADC stands for Australian Dental Examination. ADC is the body authorised by Govt. of Australia to perform the accreditation functions for the Dental Board of Australia (DBA). One of the accreditation functions is the assessment of the knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes of overseas trained dental practitioners who are seeking registration with the DBA to practise in Australia.




Hi , Welcome to all dental docs . Dentalorg.com has covered many articles on how to go abroad and settle as a dentist . But most of the options discussed till now were European countries & USA . Though popular but these destinations are costly to pursue financially .


ADC stands for Australian Dental Examination. ADC is the body authorised by Govt. of Australia to perform the accreditation functions for the Dental Board of Australia (DBA). One of the accreditation functions is the assessment of the knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes of overseas trained dental practitioners who are seeking registration with the DBA to practise in Australia.


This post will give you the basic information on the procedure of DDS and the cost involved. Please note that the information provided are based on the information provided by past dentists who have tried for DDS. The aim is to make the steps simple for the aspirants.

Points To Re-Think Before You Decide On Abroad Dental Dreams

You already know that abroad dental dreams will require a lot of money. But it’s not only about the financial expenditure. Anyone can spend money. It may be your own money or by taking a loan. 

“It’s about wise investment, I mean it.”

I would suggest that you don’t start spending time/money over the USA or European Countries, as of now, for two reasons.

  1. The tests will be of difficult nature. You will need to study and prepare yourself for the exam patterns. The exams are very different from the ones you are used to in your own country. In India, the exam patterns are very different the Western/European countries.
  2. You need to accustom yourself to the practices there like the drugs and legal issues!
  3. The cost you need to incur to attempt once the exam may be huge. So, it’s not wise unless you plan to settle there or you already have a solid back up like some relatives already settled in the USA. Even then if a candidate fails in the exam then that is a complete loss of money.

Test fees are huge by Indian standards and just to attempt it you need lots of investment in tunes of thousands and lakhs.

But of course if one does make it finally abroad as a good dentist then you can be one of the few ultra successful dentists, as unlike India, dentistry abroad is one of the highest paid jobs.

But in the end, it’s you who have to decide and weigh the advantages v/s disadvantages of trying to settle in abroad, as the personal situation varies from one individual to other.

It’s a Long Journey as a Certified Dentist Abroad, but even if you land there, it’s again an uphill task because of the change in culture and practices.

  1. Even after going through all the hardships you somehow land up abroad, success won’t come overnight.
  2. It’s a foreign place with its own culture and own set of rules regarding every aspect of life that’s very different from what you are used to in INDIA. Dentistry in abroad is full of legal issues and high emphasize on consumer rights.
  3. For example, a simple error in root canal treatment in India as a result of which patient loses a tooth might be hushed away. But in Western countries, the patient might sue you for millions of dollars.

There is another easy way to go abroad

Option #5: What After BDS?

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The Gulf Countries  

5. So what is the easier way to go abroad ??? GULF ???

The best way is to invest where you can get returns. In the previous slide, we saw that settling in the USA & European countries as a Dentist is both time & money consuming.

Compared to them, going to Gulf & Middle east countries is relatively easier.

One sure shot way is to be vigilant when they recruit in the gulf. There are many frauds out there who will promise you to take to Gulf very easily. Be alert and do proper research.

It is always better you do it after PG/MDS, as there is demand for dentists with a higher degree. The more experienced you are the better are your chances of getting an opportunity to work in Gulf countries.You can go after your BDS also.

“In any case, one has to give the MOH (ministry of health) exams.”

If the Govt. in middle east recruits you then believe me you have hit a jackpot! They pay for your travel expenses, stay food and all!

You spend for your personal clothing and some miscellaneous things and in the middle east,  you have little to spend on!

So all the money will be your asset. You can come back here and then put your clinic!

In case you don’t get a Govt. job, with your MOH degree you can apply for jobs in private hospitals. They pay a very good amount of salary. So, it will be very good or you financially.


Once more a catch comes. The gulf countries are giving jobs on a contract basis for a certain duration of time with a minimum duration of 3 to 4 years. But for some people, it may not be feasible to stay so long out of the country. So again the situation and decision will vary from person to person.


The UAE is a federation of seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain. Political power is concentrated in Abu Dhabi, which controls the vast majority of the UAE’s economic and resource wealth. The two largest emirates – Abu Dhabi and Dubai – provide over 80% of the UAE’s income.

The UAE is a federation of seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain. Political power is concentrated in Abu Dhabi, which controls the vast majority of the UAE’s economic and resource wealth. The two largest emirates – Abu Dhabi and Dubai – provide over 80% of the UAE’s income.

Remember, though easier, but still going to gulf countries to work is like going to any other foreign country with its own sets of cultures. Some will adjust to it and some will not. Many doctors have created a better financial future for themselves and their family by working and earning in gulf countries.

One point of caution: As mentioned in the last slide, there are always changing VISA & immigration rules. So, you need to keep a track of all the changes. Always go through the official and trusted sources and avoid taking any unverified shortcuts.

Have you ever thought about the Indian army (or Army of your country) as an alternative career source

Option #6: What After BDS?

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6. Army dental corps is a good idea … you know why?

Here we are just mentioning the Army Dental Corps in India. Army of every country has Dental Corps post and you need to check with the official army website of your own country.

In India, under the Army Dental Corps, only civil dental surgeons are recruited for the job.

No competition from any dentists from armed force colleges. They directly qualify for the army job once they graduate from the armed dental college!

One can join the army as Short Commission or Long term service.

In my opinion its a very good option as:

  1. You get a chance to be a part of Indian Army, that itself is highly respectable.
  2. With time you get promotion and can rise to the higher level in the army.
  3. Pay is good with lots of perks, that are available to army personnel. 
  4. A very good post-retirement pension scheme. So, after the retirement, you have a fixed monthly income for rest of your life and you are free to pursue other dreams.

It’s a package of money and respect.



The openings for Army Dental corps opens every year and you need to apply at the correct time

Seats are limited and Competition is very tough requiring a very good career and interview facing skills from you.

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Career Option#7: What After BDS? Career Option 

Career Option#8: What After BDS? MBA !

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The route from 1st year BDS till the 4th year BDS is nothing less than the effort that is required to cross a mountain without any gear. By the time final year finishes the youthful exuberance of being a doctor gives way to the stark reality of the situation that we find ourselves in.

It is imperative for a dentist to open a clinic.

Some open it right after passing and some take some time.

But sooner or later it has to be opened.

Please remember it is not a simple thing. You need to manage and plan the finance properly.

So, estimate how much finance you have/can manage and how much you will need to spend.

Dentistry is an investment oriented profession.

You will have to invest a lot before you can hope for any sizeable return.

It is rather a very big topic to discuss. So, I will break down the topics into few separate articles. Each of these articles will give you valuable information on all the aspects of running a professional/clinical practice. Each article has been written by experienced practitioners. Don’t miss any of the articles below.


This business illiteracy has put many dentists in dilemma; leaving them unsure about their future. I believe this is one of the primary reasons why many dentists are unhappy with their practices. Let’s get into the details of “Lifecycle” of your practice Yes, its a long journey of cycle …


(A Guide for all the young dentists) This article is for all those Indian dental graduates who have passed or are soon going to pass and planning to open their dental clinic. You will come across many articles on the web and also here at dentalorg.com that will talk to you about dos and don’t s while planning for a dental clinic.


Yes, having our clinic is a moment of pride, joy and happiness. It does feel like owning a piece of the world. But it’s also a fact that by 2015 dental profession has become too much competitive due to over saturation.


This article is by Dr.Varun Bajaj who has been practicing for past few years and has seen the change in the scenario of dentistry from a close quarter. In this article he will be talking about the Financial Aspects of Setting and Running a Dental Clinic. Dentistry is a universal profession.


Starting Entrepreneurial Ventures

The most recent trend after BDS/MDS seems to be

Joining MBA in Hospital Management.

There are many such stories where BDS graduates are emerging out as a success after choosing to do MBA post dental graduation.

Dental students are opting to do 2 years MBA degree post-BDS or MDS

Many talented Dental students are even cracking the IIM Exams and getting amazing placements.

Dental students are opting for 2 types of MBA.

Some are opting for MBA in Hospital Administration and some choose a different sector of MBA.

Another growing trend among dentists is doing MBS and then get on to start their own company.

Though it’s definitely a new career option but there are few points that you must consider.

If you are expecting and hoping to join some good companies then you need to do MBA from a reputed business college. Getting a job in a company is relatively a more stable option. Going solo or in partnership to start a company come with its own set of stress factors.

 New Articles have been published to describe in detail

about the course & career options.

One Line View (if you should go for MBA or not)

This new option is gaining popularity and providing an alternative better source of employment.

There are many who are venturing into it. It’s an entrepreneurial skill. It also comes with its set of issues. The college from where you get your MBA degree is important. That matters in landing you a job. Most of the Dentists try MBA in health administration and then try to look for work opportunities in Hospitals or dental companies.

Recently I have come across dentists, who after MBA do not join any company but start their own venture or start-up. It’s a mixed bag. Personally, I have come across stories where dentists have done MBA post BDS and are now employed with some of the biggest Dental Companies in the world. So, it another option that you can look into.

For many Dental Students who desire to settle in Abroad (USA & European Countries) – MBA Degree in health Management or a regular MBA is emerging as one of the more affordable ways to settle abroad. Working abroad as MBA/MPH graduate/official is relatively easy to achieve compared to working as a traditional dentist abroad.(for which one needs to clear a lot many qualifying exams)

Hospital Management after BDS/MDS


Hospital administration is the management of the hospital as a business. The administration is made up of medical and health services managers (sometimes called health care executives and health care administrators) and assistant administrators. Administrations range in size and the duties of the administrator depends on the size of the administration.

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Career option#9: What After BDS?

Masters in Public Health Dentistry


This is one of the fastest going career options after BDS/MDS.

The main attraction of this career is the potential chance to settle abroad. Most of the people doing this course, use it as a tool to shift to the USA or Europe and start a new career there as a public health official. They shift to the desired country and join public health course there. Some after getting the degree, they start working in that country as public health officer. Few also use this course period to prepare better for NBDE 1 & 2 to qualify for DDS.

Working abroad as MPH graduate/official is relatively easy to get compared to working as a Dentist Abroad.(for which one needs to clear a lot many qualifying exams)

  Masters In Public Health

MPH has now evolved as an alternative career for the

dental graduates (BDS/ MDS) in India too.

Previously it was used as a career mostly by the students who wanted to settle in western countries.

But now many colleges have opened in India providing certified courses in “Masters of Public Health”. India being a developing country has a lot of need for qualified and talented MPH professionals.

MPH Professionals have a great chance of working in Govt. and Private NGOs & also in the corporate sector with a nice pay.

For your benefit, we have compiled a very detailed article on MPH and its career and salary prospects To know the complete details about MPH after BDS/ MDS see this article.


We have discussed, in detail, about many career prospects available for dentists here at DENTALORG.COM. You can read all of them by browsing through the site. Off lately, I have been getting more and more requests regarding the career prospect of Masters In Public Health.

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Career Option#10

All the Possible Govt. Jobs for a Dental Student in India


This is in continuation with the Slide Number 2 of this article, where we discussed all the possible Govt. jobs for a dental graduate in India.

As mentioned before a BDS or MDS graduate is eligible for all the Govt. jobs that are provided by the Central/State Govt. So, a candidate who fulfills the age criteria and the degree in relation to the course is eligible to apply.

The various areas of Govt. employment for Dentists are as follows:

  1. Army Dental Corps
  2. Territorial Officer in Indian Army
  3. Joining Indian Navy & Airforce as contractual dental officer
  4. UPSC Exams with a chance to join Indian Civil Service ( IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS etc.)
  5. State Govt. Jobs as dental surgeons (in your native state)
  6. Joining Indian Railway as a Dentist

Applying for jobs in Central Govt. Institutes like AIIMS, forensic labs, agricultural sector.

We have mentioned before that it is indeed a very lucrative option to get a full-time government job, but getting such jobs right after dental graduation in not very common.

The government has its own way of creating and publishing the job slots. Even when any job opening is posted  – Govt. job has many rules, criteria & reservation system to fulfill.

So, unlike in private colleges when you might get a job if you have a backing, in Govt. jobs, it’s not that easy. For any small irregularity, many candidates have the constitutional right to ask for RTI and also approach the court of law. All these will extend the time of selection and appointment longer. Hence, it might be a great lucky break if you manage to land a full-time Govt. job. But don’t always count on it.

Read the complete article on Government Sector Jobs for Dental Students here:


Starting from the 1st day of BDS till finally completing MDS, a young and curious student goes through a lot of changes emotionally. Let me put it keeping myself in perspective. When I joined BDS, I particularly had no idea why am I doing it.

Something very crucial if you have read the article till now

The most common trend after BDS is to go for MDS.

Students still think MDS as the safest option. Many students are also aiming for abroad career for which they target foreign qualifying exam like NBDE, NDBE, MOH etc.

So they first spend a lot of time in preparation of qualifying exams and if they are succesful in qualifying the exams, they need to be ready with the money to pay the fees to the collges. Studying MDS in a private college or going abroad for a dental career are relatively costly affairs.

So, it is essential before you take any decision, to calculate the expenditure involved before you decide anything.

Read the article below carefully and take a calculated decision.

Comparison of expenditures of BDS & MDS in private colleges + How much you can earn after BDS / MDS ( A Review ) 

Please Note: Now the entry to MDS seats are made through NEET Exams. You must qualify NEET to get a seat even in a private college as admission will be made based on NEET Rank. But the fees structure of private colleges (who are selecting candidates from NEET) is much higher than Govt. Colleges. Top reputed dental colleges might charge somewhere around 5 to 8 lakhs per annum.


My greetings to all young dentists :). Now that you are a dental student, you are a part of the brigade saving human tooth. I assume you are either doing BDS or just finished it. So I have a few questions for you. MDS is masters of dental surgery .

Sometimes few BDS/MDS graduates adopt an approach that is completely different from the traditional norms.

For example, read this real life story of a BDS pass-out who was facing the same problem like many other of her dental friends – that of not being able to find a financially suitable job.

To rub salt in the wound, the senior faculty where she tried to work, offered her Rs 3000 per month (from morning 9 AM to evening 8 PM)! She rightfully was deeply insulted.

To make her own clinic she would need a huge amount and she was in no mood to ask that money from her parents who had already spent a lot on her education. So, she took a very different approach.

She was smart, articulate and had a fashion sense. So, she tried her luck in the aviation industry and started her career as a flight attendant.Today she is working for Emirates and drawing a monthly salary of 3 lakhs. She is saving up money and soon she plans to start a multi specialty luxurious dental set up (after few more years in the aviation industry). Today she not only supports her family financially but she is also earning much more than she ever imagined. Also, visiting all the exotic places on earth in the job, is like a cherry on the top. If you are hard working and have the capacity to thonk out of the box, then there will aways be doors open for you.

You can read the complete story here:


Welcome, We are back with a new story that will interest you and motivate you to think out of the box. As the saying goes ” Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently “.

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for the Summary of all the points on “What After BDS” 

 Summary >>>

To recap, we now have following options after Dental Graduation >>>

  1. Army dental corps
  2. Pre PG/MDS – assist some dentist or put up clinic or junior internship (in teh mean time preparing for the NEET Exam)
  3. PG entrance and MDS. Post MDS, clinic.
  4. Teaching staff in Dental Colleges (Private Colleges) after MDS. 
  5. Teaching staff and doctors in Govt. Dental Colleges (Permanent or Contractual). Working as doctors in Govt. PSU like NTPC, NALCO, ONGC etc.
  6. Working as dentist in Gulf countries.
  7. Working in the USA, European countries as Dentist.
  8. MBA in Hospital Management.
  9. Masters in Public Health Dentistry.
  10. Other different routes like aviation industry, business etc. (depending on your capability, resources and opportunities)

We sincerely hope that this article was able to give you some information that will help you in your efforts.

All the best for a great career!

So as the saying goes think wisely and choose well before jumping into any conclusion.

“Keep Running Towards your Goal … You will reach the destination” ….. Leo Tolstoy

And Remember One More Trick to be Successful as a Dentist

You need to be happy with your profession and work hard to feel good about yourself.

Before we wind up! Here are the top 7 tricks to be a Successful and Happy Dentist


Dentistry is a two edged sword. Its a profession that has a lot of possibilities financially & socially. At the same time it can be very stressful and can break you emotionally & physically. Particularly in the year 2015. So, being a dental surgeon you need to maintain that balance in your life.

This article was last updated on 19th March 2017. We periodically update this article when any new information is available. The information here is subjected to change depending on the changes to rules and regulations. It is just meant to give you some initial idea regarding career options after BDS for Indian Dental Students. But all the students are advised to gather final information from the official sites and embassy of foreign countries before proceeding further. Students are also warned – never to pay any unknown 3rd party claiming to get you job or placements directly or using shortcut methods.

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