Email Marketing for Dentists: An Extensive Review


Email Marketing for dentists


The success and failure of your professional dental practice, to a great extent, is decided by the connectivity that your practice develops with the old and new prospective patients/clients.

When you are providing a treatment, you need to use all your heart and mind. But when it comes to running the professional practice and make it profitable you need to think and act like a marketer or a businessman.

The role of connectivity in your dental practice:

A patient will visit your clinic most frequently once in every 6 months (unless of course there is some urgency). So, once the treatment is over and because of your good treatment the patient is relieved of his/her dental problem, there is a possibility that the patient might not pay a visit to your practice for next one year. Here, in an ironical way, your efficiency as a dentist, is acting as a pseudo deterrent.

So, for the growth of your professional dental practice, it is essential that your practice stays in constant touch with the patients. Even with the patients, who you feel were rightfully not satisfied with some of the aspects of your dental practice.

As it has been rightly said – Out of Sight leads to being Out of Mind

One of the most powerful modes to maintain this connectivity is the use of Emails. Yes, you heard it right! The good old Emails. 

In this world of overcrowded social media, email is the only connectivity tool, which has the potential of establishing a direct and personal communication with your old and new patients. In an ideal sense, as a dentist, you must take advantage of all the connectivity tools that are available in the current age.

You must never make the mistake of putting all your eggs in a single basket or overlooking other connectivity tools focusing only on the social media reach.

In this post, we will have an extensive discussion on the power of Email in the marketing of your dental practice and how you can leverage this power. It will be a long post with lots of useful information that has the capacity to elevate your practice to the next level.

We will cover this extensive review under the following headings:

  1. Benefits of Email Marketing Vs the Social Media Marketing.
  2. How to collect the Emails and build a list?
  3. The various types of Marketing Emails that Dentists can use.
  4. How to write a good marketing Email for your Dental Practice?
  5. What are the various tools that you can use for Email Marketing?
  6. Email marketing statistics point that you must know for assessment.
  7. Conclusion.

#1. Benefits of Email Connectivity Vs Social Media Marketing

The first natural question will be – does email marketing has any apparent benefit over the latest obsession of social media marketing.

Yes, there are many benefits and let us make a list of those.

You do not own the social media platform:

All the contacts that you establish or acquire on the social media platform are restricted to that medium only. You are just using their platform to make the connectivity.

On the contrary, Emails of your patients/clients once acquired belong to you. After acquiring the email, you are not dependant on the social media platform to establish a connection.

Email marketing for dentists

The Price Factor:

Unlike the good old initial days, the social media platform is no more providing a free organic reach. All the major social media platforms have now adopted the paid reach module, where in order to reach more number of people you will need to pay them a good amount. More the people you want to reach, more you are required to pay.

In comparison, Email was and till today is free. There is no direct cost of using or sending emails. Of course, if you want to use extensive Email marketing then there are some associated costs to it. But the monthly costs of Email marketing are significantly low compared to the daily expenditure of paid social media marketing.

Email marketing for dentists

The “EASY” factor:

Planning a social media campaign is not easy. It has a lot of variables to consider. Ignoring any of these variables will lead to the complete failure of your social media marketing.

But email is comparatively easier to use. All you need to take care is to write a good email before you send it to your connections. That is all.

Email marketing for dentists

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