What are the benefits of Working in and for a Corporate Dental Sector & Franchise ?

What Are The Apparent Benefits Of Dental Chains ???

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Dental profession has many persons playing a specific role in it.

There is dentist the main guy.

Then there are dental nurses, dental hygienist, dental technician.

In the dental clinics where the turn over is quite high,

there are also regular Chartered Accountants, Insurance Specialists.

All in all – running a Dental Practice is never a single man job.

Though it is based on the dentist, but at the same time there are many other people who play a role in it.

When all the components of the system work together, then only the Dental Clinic can be successful.

“A dental chain acts as a place of appointment for all types of dental professionals.”

So for any single dentist, running a Professional Dental Practice, its a daunting aspect managing all the aspects of dental practice, all by himself/herself.

So a single clinic of a dental chain provides employment to a lot of dental professionals.

By opening many clinics in different areas the dental chain corporate provides employment at many different places in a particular state.

An individual practice handled by a single dentist can sometimes get very stressful.

In such a practice the dentist have to play all the roles.

He/she has to think about & manage every aspect about the aspect about the clinic. He/she has to be PR, the marketing guy, the financial guy. Its all in one.

Its Too Much to Handel For A Single Person putting a lot of stress on the dentist.

And it’s stressful.

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  1. The patient’s expectation are increasing.
  2. They are expecting a very comfortable experience in dental treatment.
  3. To make such a well furnished super comfortable clinic it needs a lot of investment and it does get very stressful for one individual dentist to spend that money.

Increased Patient Expectations

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  1. In such a case dental corporate chains come in with HUGE investments in terms of money and marketing.
  2. They take care of finding a place for the clinic.
  3. Paying for the Clinic Space.
  4. Furnishing the place very well & updating it with best dental equipments.
  5. Pay the electric bill & maintenance cost .
  6. All in all they take care of every thing related to finance or any other thing.

Just Come & Practice Dentistry.

No Other External Non Dentistry Stress like Rent of Clinic Place

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  1. Its just like working is a software company where the engineer gets a very comfortable working environment all paid for by the company he works for.
  2. He just has to come and work.

So, in a corporate set up the dentist has no tension or stress to spend or establish a place. He gets a readuy made clinic comfortable to work. He just has to practice the best dentistry he knows and the rest of the things are taken care of by the investors.

So you see there are many benefits of a corporate dental chain system.

Then why there are many controversies arising around them.

We will check out the controversies of the dental chain system in one more article.

If you do some research then you will be able to find that there are many highly successful franchises all over the world. We have made a collection for your about the 8 most famous and profitable dental chains in the world. You can know about them in the article below.


Dentistry is going through a lot of changes. The biggest change is the change in perception towards dentistry as to – Not so long ago dentistry used to be a family or community oriented profession. For example most of our parents used to visit one or two dentist as their family dentists.