Dental Practice Management : 10 Types of Dental Phobias Why People Are Scared of Dentists?

The most important aspect of Dental Practice Management is the ability of a dentist to manage and reduce the dental phobias of the patient.

PHOBIA: It means something an Individual is afraid of.

And we as dental surgeons need to tackle a particular phobia that is in direct conflict with our profession.

That phobia is

Dental Phobia: The Fear of Visiting a Dentist.

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So in this post, we will decode the most common reasons

as to why so many people fear dentists?

This knowledge of what the patients fear will give us ideas as to how we can reduce this fear and make the experience of the patients as comfortable as possible.

Benefits in Knowing about the

Dental Phobias of your patients

  1. By knowing about the dental phobias of your patients, you will be in a better position to reduce the fear.
  2. Reducing patient’s anxiety will build their trust in you and your dental practice. 
  3. They will be more inclined to visit your dental practice in the case of future dental needs and would happily recommend your dental set up to their friends and family. It will be very rewarding to the dentist financially and socially.

Let us start with the First Fear of Patients

Dental Phobia #1 

The Needle & The Drill

Even if a patient has never been to a dentist’s clinic before, but he or she must have heard about the legendary myths of needles and syringes.

  1. By default, people are scared of drills and needles that pierce and go inside the teeth or skin.
  2. Many people are sensitive to the sound of the drill.
  3. Many are so scared of Drill sound and Needle appearance that even before actually any procedure is done, they just jump in the dental chair and start making sounds. 

This not only makes the treatment difficult but also increases the treatment time.

At the end, both the patient and the dentist are at a loss. 

This phobia is something that is very difficult to control because as a dentist cannot just stop using the drill. So, the best way to tackle phobia is to sit with the patient and explain him/her that proper pain control techniques will be taken by administering Local Aesthetic agents.

In this scenario the skill of a dentist to interact and make the patient comfortable matters a lot.

Dental Phobia #2 

The Fear of Pain

Is it Going to Pain?

Though over the years dentistry has evolved a not scientifically and pharmaceutically, that not reduce the pain and bleeding but also help in post-treatment healing. The anesthesia has now become very potent providing the patients a very painless dentistry.

But the irony is in spite of so many advancements, the phobia still persists. Partly due to low awareness among the patients regarding the advancements and partly due to believing the age-old myths.

This fear is so strong that many people sit and wait with their decayed & painful tooth rather than visiting the nearest dentist.

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Why People Fear Dentists#3

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