This article discusses about the “Corporate / Franchise Dental System” in dentistry and how it is changing the scenario. Is corporate dentistry good ? Is it bad ? How can a dentist use it for his his / her benefit ? Can this corporate dentistry be helpful in the professional growth of a dentist ?

This article will give you the answer to all the questions.

Is Corporate Dental Clinic Chains Good Or Bad For Dentistry

Dentistry is going through a lot of changes.

The biggest change is the change in perception towards dentistry as to –

How patients are seeing dental care &

How dentists are seeing dentistry as a profession ?

Not so long ago dentistry used to be a family or community oriented profession. For example most of our parents used to visit one or two dentist as their family dentists. The dental health of a small community was taken care by few dentists of that area. In a sense dentistry used to be more personal. This type of dental practice is still existing but gradually decreasing.

But with time and increasing commercialisation, the Private Dental Practice, slowly but gradually has turned in to Corporate Dental Practice of creating extensive dental chains of a particular brand.

Initially, only a few of the cash-rich brands could do this.

But in last 10 to 15 years many dental chains have evolved across the world.

Many individual dentists who were finding it hard in the dental market decided to pool along strengthening the dental chain system.

You should not be surprised. In any country, the dental treatment market is around minimum approx. $ 5 billion and its increasing yearly.

Talk about any developed country like USA or European countries the dental treatment market is around 10 to 20 billion $. (due to higher treatment prices)

Countries like India, China with around 1 billion population are huge potential markets for the corporate dental chains.

Even in within these countries, dentists are grouping to make dental chains before any western corporation enters the dental market full time.

To tap this highly profitable market- corporates or corporate thinking has emerged.

Its just like franchise system of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

“Yes its the Dental Franchise Era”

The particular dental corporate raises money from market & equity, takes loans, gets many share holders on board, prepares a profitable market plan.

Then goes about opening dental clinics under the brand name in as many places that it can cover.

It then hires either top notch dentists/ new dentists to work and provide their service under its corporate banner.

Its just like any other MNC with quarterly & yearly analysis of profit & loss.

  1. What are the benefits of this corporate dental chain system ?
  2. What are the controversies of this corporate dental chain system ?
  3.  In this post we will also be seeing at some of the biggest dental chains in world

(At the end of the article its up to you , the dentist to decide if it’s a good or bad thing)

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