Dental Practice Management : 10 Types of Dental Phobias Why People Are Scared of Dentists?

In Dental Practice Management you must learn to manage Dental Phobias. Only then you can have a successful career as a dental practitioner

Dental Phobia #3

The Childhood Bad Experience at Dentist

Many times the fear of visiting a dentist for treatment stems from the painful dental experience the patient had as a child.

The impressions and fear that get ingrained in childhood, persist for a very long time.

Many times parents keep threatening their kids (when they get too naughty) that they will be taken to dentists. This constant reinforcement of fear of dentists – leads to life-long fear of dentists.

Also, there are definite incidences when as kids patients had a real horrible experience at the dentist and such experience stays for a long time.

So, the moment a need to go a dentist comes up the latent hidden fear comes up making the patient immediately uncomfortable. This negative attitude the patient carries into dental clinic also.

So even a simple use of mouth mirror become a big problem.

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Why People Fear Dentists