Animatron – The Best Online Video and Animation Maker For Doctors & Health Professionals

Animatron - Create professional quality videos and animations for patient education, powerpoint presentations, social media promotion and academic purposes with 500000 royalty-free stock videos. The easiest online tool for doctors & health professionals to use videos in their professional growth.

We are discussing one the easiest video tools that health professionals and doctors can use to make amazing professional quality videos for education and practice. But that’s is not all.  

Animatron also gives you the tools to create great powerpoint presentations.

The regular powerpoint presentations that a health professional might use in patient education or academic presentations can be very dull in nature. It is no surprise that many of the people attending powerpoint presentations simply start getting a sleepy head.

But using Animatron, you will be able to create amazing videos for your powerpoint presentations that will make patients/students/volunteers to sit up and take notice.

You will be able to put across your ideas in a much better way.

Rest assured that you will be able to influence more people than a boring regular powerpoint presentation.

For example, I was assigned to attend a school in one of the most remote poor areas and teach young kids (& their parents) about healthy habits. Please note all of them were economically very backward and it was a challenge to explain them the ideas so that they will at least accept a few points. It was the middle of summer and as you should have guessed there were no fans or AC working. In such a scenario it is very difficult to grab the attention of the kids. 

So, I decided on using Animatron to create videos rather than just a regular powerpoint presentation. I was still not sure how the students/kids will react. Have a look at the presentation I created using Animatron.

I started the Presentation with a 16 seconds animation. See it below … created using Animatron.

This 16 seconds of video (created using Animatron), immediately grabbed the attention of the kids and parents equally from the very beginning. I have carried out many such programs previously but it was the first time, I was starting with an animated video. I could immediately notice the interest among the kids.

Next, have a look at a small portion of the presentation. Again created using Animatron. This is just the first 1.5 minutes of the presentation. The entire presentation was of 30 minutes duration with videos and photo slides created using Animatron.

All the components you see in the video above were created in a span of 30 minutes. I used the following Animatron components to create the video.

Prebuilt Animations of Super Hero. 

Royalty free HD Stock videos of school and persons smoking.

Royalty free music as the background music.

Animatron Studio Video creation software.

 Animatron comes with a royalty free library of 500,000 stock videos, photos, and audios. It also provides more than 2000 pre-designed animation characters.

As I mentioned in the previous slide, if you go about buying separate HD stock videos/photos from top stock video websites, it might cost you 50$ for a single video. 

But Animatron provides you the Library of 500,000 royalty free HD stock videos, photos, audios & animations that you can use or change as many times you need. For all this, you just need to spend 15$ per month. Anyone who is looking for HD stock videos/photos for their project will readily agree this is perhaps the best deal ever. 


Even if you have only one project which you would like to complete, a one-month membership will give you access to the entire library and Animatron online video creator. So, you can easily create multiple great videos & animations for your project for only 15$. That still saves you hundreds of dollars which otherwise you would have spent on purchasing separate multiple stock videos, photos, and audios.

So, the entire process of creating the presentation using Animatron consisted of steps:

  1. Plan out your presentation points and write it down as a script.
  2. Open a new project in Animatron studio.
  3. Use the search option to search for Animations & HD Stock videos/photos from the Animatron library.
  4. Drag and drop the Stock Videos, Photos, and Animations that are suitable for your presentation.
  5. Add royalty free background audio from Animatron audio library.
  6. Choose and add effects, adjust timing to your project.
  7. Save your video to your storage device or upload it to Youtube/Vimeo.

I would agree with anyone who says – the essence of a presentation depends on the caliber of the presenter. That is the truth. But irrespective of whether a speaker is experienced or not, if he or she is equipped with a presentation material that can grab the attention of the people/students present in the room, then half of the work is done.

The initial parts of the presentation you saw above, was able to grab the undivided attention of all the students and also of their parents. Together with my explaining capacity, the overall presentation was received very well by the school authorities and most importantly by the kids in the school.

But the true happiness was to see the kids responding to the points mentioned. A regular powerpoint presentation might have made them sleep. But the Video/Photo/Animated presentation created using Animatron drove the points.


As a doctor and health professional, I always feel that doctors must adapt to the changing trends in technology and internet.

The video is one such trend.

But due to lack of time, many doctors & health professionals are not able to use this medium as effectively as they can. They have to depend on other designers. More than money, it results in the loss of more time.

But Animatron is one such tool that can help you in creating professional HD videos in a matter of minutes. And one you get a hang of Animatron, then you will be creating absolute masterpieces.

To summarize, here are the benefits of using Animatron for Doctors & Health Professionals.

  1. On-line software. So you can use it anytime & anywhere. All you need is laptop and internet.
  2. Great value for money. As mentioned in this post, for 15 $ per month you get the access to all the Video/Photo library of Animatron.
  3. Huge library (500,000) of Royalty Free stock videos, photos, audios (including amazing video of various health professions).
  4. Just Drag, Drop, Edit & Add Text. Your video is ready.
  5. Use Animatron to create Patient Education Videos, Health Awareness Videos, Classroom Videos, Social Media Videos.
  6. You can also use Animatron to create Professional Quality videos for Social Media promotion of your professional set up.
  7. Stand out in seminars and meeting by presenting your ideas using animation & videos. Be different from your colleagues who are still using the boring regular powerpoint point presentations.

I hope, this post will motivate you to use animations and videos more in your professional career as a doctor and health professional.

If you would like to know more about Animatron then you can visit their official home page.