Here are the 10 best reasons why dental surgeons are awesome.

Dentists are awesome! Here are 10 best reasons why dentists are awesome.

If you are a dental surgeon then you have come to the right place.

Do you some times feel that you are not awesome !!! You feel low on confidence ?

Well then you are completely wrong !

We will give you 10 reasons why dentists are one of the most awesome group of individuals in the world.

So buckle up and start counting your awe-awesomeness meter  😀


Dentists are Awesome #1

They are generally kind & compassionate

Dental surgeons are very compassionate and kind people. Here and there will be few exceptions but in general they have a lot of patience in understanding and hearing what the patients say. As a doctor their social duty is to heal people. They work hard to bring relief and smiles on the face of their patients.

This quality also extends to their personal life. They are easy going with a calm personality.

They pay attention to everybody with whom they interact. They are eager to extend a helping hand whenever some one needs it.

This is one quality that’s very valuable and rare in this cut throat competitive world.

That’s why dental surgeon’s are Awesome !

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Dentists are Awesome #2

They are Stylish & Suave

Dental surgeons are in the profession of making people look good. They correct smiles and change an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan with the most brightest smile. Being doctors they are tidy, neat & clean. They are well dressed and know how to conduct themselves with various types of patients.

In their personal life also they are very dignified. This humility comes from years of discipline & dedication. This makes then trustworthy and dependable.

Its a combination of Style + Substance

That’s why dentists are Awe-Some !

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Dentists are Awesome #3

They Value People & Respect Every Body

Being in such a profession, a Doctor/ Dental Surgeon has seen the best and the worst of life and that has taught him/her some important lessons about people and their value. They value people for what they are. They don’t judge people based on cast or creed or rich or poor. They treat people from all the sections of society. Thus more that anybody else doctors respect and understand the value of each and every one.

A dental surgeon deals with different kinds of patients everyday: from the super rich to the extremely poor. Plus in India, to be a dental surgeon, you first have to complete rural training and service where you meet people from different backgrounds. They know how to respect a person irrespective of his/her societal status.

That’s the reason the society respects them.

And that’s why Dental Surgeons are Awesome !

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Dentists are Awesome #4

They are very super fun to be with

Dental surgeons work hard . They study hard. They are extremely disciplined. There is a misnomer that doctors are serious creatures.

Its just the opposite. Doctors through out their career keep making great contacts. By default doctors are good in PR skills as they deal with people from all classes of society. Thanks to patients, fellow friends and networking skills, both of you will have an amazing social life. Its also a fact that – Doctors work hard … and enjoy and party even harder & have a very cool head ( that comes with the real confidence of directly healing people). So, with a doctor its fun unlimited.

That’s why Dental Surgeon’s are Awe-Some.

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Dentists are Awesome #5

They Earn Money & Heal People Too

A lot is being said about dentistry going through a phase of recession. New graduates not doing well like their seniors did few years back. Yes it might be true but there can never be a permanent recession phase in Oral Health Sector. So sooner than latter the sound of money rolls in.

And there is no recession period in health services. The way population is exploding (approx, minimum 72 babies per minute … OMG !!!) it’s business through out the year. It sound like Money … Ka Ching !!!

Dental Surgeons earn money & heal people too ! Its finance with care !

That’s why Dental Surgeons are Awe-some !

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Dentists are Awesome #6

They Are Respected in Their Family

Being a doctor a Dental Surgeon is always respected. Its a fact. Of course there will be always be a few jealous ones who will try to talk all negative. But they are in minority.

There is some thing beyond money & material things and that is called respected.  As time goes a dental surgeon not only increases in money but also in stature.

And that’s why Dental Surgeon’s Are Awesome !

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Dentists are Awesome #7

They Are Regarded As Problem Solver

Dental surgeons are analytical minds. They are disciplined that comes with years of practice and dedication. So, it’s no doubt friends, family & even critiques at the time of doubts consult a dental surgeon.

Dental surgeons interact with all parts of the society. They interact and learn many things from their contacts and can be trusted to give a good & sound advice. This becomes very evident in social gatherings & functions.

That’s Why Dental Surgeons Are Awe Some !

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Dentists Are Awesome #8

The Inner Satisfaction

There are some things in life that money can never buy. Inner Peace in One Such Thing.

Inner peace is a very elusive & mysterious thing. No amount of money can buy it.

It is also said that true inner peace is obtained when you heal someone and bring a smile on their face.

A dental surgeon continuously heals people and bring smiles to them and that gives an immense amount of inner peace.

That’s why Dental Surgeons Are Awe Some !

Well That’s it Doctors ! What do you feel ? Dental Surgeons Are AWESOME ! Aren’t they !