How to Prepare for NEET MDS – Chapter 2 – How to Prepare Theory & MCQs?

Welcome to the Chapter 2 of the series on NEET "All About NEET MDS Entrance Exams". In this section, we will know how to effectively study the Theory and also prepare for the MCQs.

How To Practice MCQs for the NEET Exams

  • Always work out on Fixed Time basis as you need to be thorough with Time Management
  • Remember: NEET MDS has 240 MCQs with 180 minutes. Hardly you will have 45 seconds per question.
  • Within this short time itself you should read the Question with Options; arrive at the right choice and mark it. Hence you should have a lot of control over Time.
  • Built an effective time-based answering right from the day one in an orderly manner.
  • Maintain a Log Book for your MCQ practice. That’s going to be your helper in last minute study.
  • Below is an Example of MCQs Practice Model for a Chapter with 60 Questions.

The best way to prepare for MCQs is to prepare in a Simulated Test Environment with a limited time. It is the most practical way to train your mind within the constraints of limited time.

How to Practice MCQs in a Practice/Test Mode

(Steps to Follow)

  • Write Down/Prepare a Word template with the Number of MCQs that to be Answered. E.g.: 01 – 60 or 01-25 etc.
  • Make minimum three columns for each Chapter you practice because your target is 01 Basic Preparation and 02 Revisions. If you have a data like this, you can analyze your preparation thoroughly and can be corrected the mistakes and you will be knowing weak areas.
  • Set the Alarm Clock. Initially 1 minute per MCQ. Allot 60 minutes for 60 MCQs, 20 minutes for 20 MCQs.
  • Start answering one by one Question without looking into key answers.
  • Finish answering one-line MCQs to save the time while reading a question.
  • Mark only those you are 100% confident (Negative Marking is live)
  • Start answering remaining ones after finishing one-liner. Here also mark only 100% confident ones.
  • By the time you finish one round, you must have answered at least 50% questions.
  • Now investigate the questions you have left. Some answers will strike when you are reading the question the second time. Finish answering those.
  • By the time your round 2 finished, you must have answered 80% of the Paper. Remember this is your Positive Score. Keep it preserved. Meanwhile, time also must be running out. I suggest don’t attempt any more questions as you have a Negative marking.
  • Submit the Paper/Stop your practice test session.

Once you complete your practice MCQs test, now it is time to analyze the answers and take a note of the mistakes you have made. 

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