Dental Practice Management -Top 5 Challenges In The Life and Career of a Dentist

LIFE IN DENTISTRY - THE DAILY CHALLENGES: This post will tell you about some of the most common issues that a Dental Student or a Professional Dentist faces in his/her daily life.

Dental Practice Management: What are the daily challenges in the career of a young dentist? In this article, the author tries to explain the points how she feels about these challenges in dentistry.

Dental Practice Management


 “Dentist! They earn a lot.”

“You will be your own boss”.

“Why you guys have ‘Dr.’ Before your name??”

“Dentistry! It’s all about respect & fame.”

“Couldn’t you get into MBBS?”

“Were your marks a little less??”

“Opening a clinic is always the best..”

“Applying in foreign is a better invest.”

A lot of this & more, we have heard.

Followed, endured & ignored!

But they still keep flooding in,

suggestion & advice comes free, one only reason to it.

But the truth is, only those understand the agony,

one who walks the journey.

Meet us! We are the Dentists!

For the world, looting is our only fetish!

Truth, much beyond the beliefs &, fussy

We live in a land, not of milk & honey.

Yes We are Dentists – ” And We are Doctors “

He: Why are you called a Doctor?

       A question I always wonder but never get answered.

       You don’t save a life or get emergencies…

       All you do is sit in AC & loot money.

Me: “Doctors recovers life by relieving pain”, this I was taught.

        Why don’t you try once to live in pain, to get sought?

         May be sometimes we don’t save life or get emergencies,

         but we make sure you live a life that is PAIN-FREE!


Drives an Audi, But complains about Dental Treatment Price

Think Different, but know the difference!

   With iPhone in one hand, swiveling the Audi key,

   He stepped into my clinic with a face at no ease.

   I asked him the problem, he sad he had ache…

the cause of which he was even unable to ingest.

I looked into his mouth, fag he took I could sense.

Anyway made through it, to find out the difference.

Told him about the treatment he needed & its cost,

His face swelled up more, as in some shock.

“Why So expensive?!!” He exclaimed…

“Cause it’s all worth …” all I could say.

For Those Who are always ready to Give FREE suggestions on How to Run a Dental Clinic

He said why do I have to work for someone,

advised my parents to open my own, for more income.

Wish he knew the adversities of his opinion,

Dad just shared the cost of one dental chair to make the suggestions silent.


The Tough Final Year Practical Exam in  Dental School

Staying in those every lane,

Near & far, under sun & vain.

Leaving no stone & face unturned,

I almost checked everyone.

The class 2 cavity had gone so rare,

for the first, I cursed the improved dental care.

After all the bribing & luring,

on the exam day, I was still left rambling.

The clock kept ticking away,

My patient had left my fate to an empty dental chair.


The myth of  “COULDN’T CLEAR MBBS” – So into Dentistry!

‘ He didn’t get into MBBS’, was not the reason,

Is it so hard to believe, someone can be interested in the oral region?

A passionate dentist they always failed to spot,

‘Couldn’t have clear with good marks’, they plot.