5 Stages in the Professional Life cycle of a Dentist

Learn about 5 stages in the professional life cycle of a dentist. We are taught dentistry but no one teaches us the business cycle of Dental Practice. This lack of knowledge regarding the business aspect is hurting the dentists in the long run.

Stage 1 of Dentistry: Introduction Phase

(Practice age: 0-3 Years)

Dental Practice Management
Introduction stage is the beginning of your dental practice which lasts up to 3 years.

The average age of the dentists in this phase is between 24 to 30 years and most of them are a bachelor.

This is your first opportunity to earn professionally after studying dentistry for 5-8 long years.

You try your best to establish the practice, no matter, however hard it seems. You are always ready and motivated to make a mark.

You entertain each and every patient even when you understand he/she won’t go for the treatment. Sometimes if the location selection is not proper, you end up with stiff competition from the dentists who are already practicing in the location.

This is also one of the most stressful phases in the dental career.

You might have started your practice but you are still in that phase of doubt. You are skeptical and worried about all the other practices that have started much before you. You are worried about the investments you have done to set up the practice and whether you are going to be successful. 

Doubts & Stress & Mistakes !!!

But with time you make yourself strong internally & externally. 

You learn patience. 

You learn from your mistakes.

You also realize that – in the practical world, it is much different from movies.

Your notion and expectation of overnight clinical practice success gradually fade away. 

You understand that it is not a 20 – 20 game. 

It’s an extended test match and you are in it for the long haul.

You develop and realize the value of patience.

In other words, you learn the waiting game.

You learn the man management skills and how to deal with patients.

The Introductory phase is all about getting into the grind of clinical practice.

You slowly get used to it and gradually go beyond that initial stress.

In short, you get more Sensible & Calmer!

You are just warming up the dental career stages that are going to come next.

This marks the end of your Introduction phase of Dental Practice &

you slowly get into the 2nd phase which you can call the growth phase.

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The Growth Phase: The phase to grow & establish yourself.

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