Meet 15 unique types of dentists that you will see in dental schools. The author is a dentist himself.

Meet the top 15 types of dentist friend you meet in dental colleges. This post is dedicated to theΒ friendship forged during the days of dentistry.

TOP 15 Types Of DENTISTS You Find in Dental Colleges

Dental colleges are a unique place.

You might be in a dental college now or might have passed out.

But you will always remember and cherish these college memories

And what made the college days so interesting !

It’s the friends in your college.

Get to Re-Live some of your Amazing College Days !

Check Out The Different Type Of Dental Friends You Saw in Dental Student Days

Also do tell what type of Dental Friend are You ?

Lets start:The most common type of Dental Friends in all the colleges πŸ˜€

#1. The Really Serious Front-Benchers Friends

The good students in the books of all the teachers.

Front-benchers are very unique.

Being a front-bencher they are always on time (never late for class)

Always ready with the assignments

Always taking notes

( which we rest of all ask and xerox during exam times ! )

Rest of us keep wondering how do they manage to be so studious and maintain the impression the whole year πŸ˜€ …

Mam, I have completed the histology diagrams, I have all the correct instruments, I have prepared the notes, I am ready for viva !!! Am ready mam !!!

It’s not easy … Am sure

If you were one of the front benchers then please accept my salute

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#2.The Always Late To Theory Class Type Dental Friends

( I am one of those type of students )

There is always one student who will

sleep late

get up late

get ready in a hurry

reach late πŸ˜€

One more point … This reaching late for class is most common in boys. I guess its a boy thing. Girls are usually very punctual. Here is how it happens …

That student will sleep like Puppies till morning 9 πŸ˜€ (After whole night not sleeping)

Then he gets ready and runs for college

Even after so many years late coming students have the same reason πŸ˜€

Finally The EPIC REACTION OF TEACHER when we reach late for anatomy class πŸ˜€

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The Dental Friend Who Sleeps … Ha ha

#3. The Sleeping Dental Friends !!!

( I am also one of them )

The 2nd most common type of dental students … We sleep like ducks in class … Sleep can come anytime . It can come anytime. Sleep in morning. Sleep before noon. But the most favorite time of sleeping for all dental students is after lunch. It’s always an effort not to sleep in post lunch theory classes.

What we do in lunch time ? πŸ˜€

After Lunch Our Condition in Community Dentistry Theory Lecture Class … Sleeping Duck πŸ˜€

How badly we try not to sleep !!! We shake our head … We drink water … But no use πŸ˜€

We go ZZZZZZZ finally πŸ™‚

Am sure the staff who used to take theory classes after lunch theory class must be feeling so angry !!! πŸ˜€

What must be going in their mind when they see a dental student sleeping like a duck !!! πŸ˜€


Do you know any Yawning type Dental Friend ?

#4. The Yawning Type Dental Friend

There is always that one dental student who is a forever yawner πŸ˜€

Yes we had a couple of them in our batch.

They will just keep yawning either in class or in dental lab πŸ˜€

Seems like they are distant relative of Sleeping type Dental Student

The moment teacher takes out Anatomy Book

The reaction of yawning student

Reaction of the staff

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#5. The King Of Dental Work Friend

In any dental class batch there is at-least one dental student who will be naturally extremely good in all the dental lab works.

You might be struggling in setting your teeth. He/she will not only finish his/her teeth setting but will also help others to do it.

If he is a boy then he uses the skill to the best to talk and get close to as many girls as possible πŸ™‚

Don’t worry I will do the teeth setting for you, flask it, cure it & polish it too ! ! !

Will you go to a movie with me ?

You after a lot of attempts will still have porosity in your RPD.

But not him/her.

They will somehow get the most good looking & well polished RPD /CD ever.

I also had one such student in my batch. I always curious

How DO They Do it ?

May be they were born to be dentists πŸ˜€

I don’t know am just good in dental work

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#6.The Attention Seeker

And Show Off Dental Friend

I am the best dental student ever !!!

You know very well that are always a peculiar show off species.

They are loud and express all so that all knows about them

Though they are full of confidence … but that borderlines the overconfidence.

And many times they become the talk of the class behind their backs πŸ˜€

I guess they always keep singing in their mind

” We are the champions of the world “

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#7. The Ever Unhappy & Complaining Dental Friend

The Drama King & Queen Of The Batch

There are always a few of these type of dental student who just keep on complaining about dentistry.

Oh I could not get MBBS, so I did BDS

Oh BDS is so tiring

Oh there is no scope in BDS

Oh … Teeth Setting is so boring

Oh >>> Why the Sky is blue !!!!

I am the worry dental boy

And these cry babies also have a tendency to lose their cool and get in to fights πŸ˜€

One Word For Them … Take A chill Pill Doc πŸ™‚

Meet the Worry Dental Girl πŸ™‚

Oh … I haven’t prepared for the exams again

All Will Pass & I will Fail

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#8. The Hero & Heroine Dental Student

Every dental batch has at-least one boy or girl who are the hero & heroine of the batch.

All girls of the batch will go ga ga over that handsome hunk.

Oh Girls Like Me ! Am a doc & Am so cute !

And what about that batch girl heroine – Seniors will rag the boys to get her number .

And We mortals simple and ordinary guys & gals initially feel a little jealous and then irritated πŸ˜€

And we always secretly wish that

” God ! If I was the Hero or Heroine πŸ˜€ “

Once in My BDS in Prostho Lab a very beautiful girl of my batch smiled at me

But my Seniors told me

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#9. The Leader Dental Friend

You want some thing done in the office … He/She is the person to go

The Dental Leader Boy πŸ˜€

The Leader Girl

Yes We can Do it

There is always that one dental student who is the leader of the batch. Any problem of the batch he/ she has the guts to go the dean’s office and speak for us.

We want AC in classroom , he/she will speak for us to management.

We want class cancelled he/she can take care of it.

We want things done in the office, he/she can do it for us.

He/She is the leader of our dental batch

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The Instrument Asking Dental Friend

#10. The Instrument Friends

There will be one group of students who will never get their instruments even on the day of exams πŸ˜€

And then they will ask every one else.

Once during Perio Final BDS Exam one of my friends asked me a mouth mirror & probe !!!

But how I can I give !!!

I myself have borrowed the instruments after literally begging from the girl next to me !

He got very angry and said – What !!!! Rascal why didn’t you tell me before … I am begging you for last 10 minutes … Now I have to beg again some one else !!!

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#11. The Facebook/Google

Masters Dental Friends

These are the techno tech type of dental students.

Class exams are there ? Don’t worry Google answers are coming πŸ™‚

They are always on line and chatting, updating status & playing games – even during lecture

They are the Facebook & Google Kings of the Batch !!!

Since the evolution of pocket size smart phones and internet data pack, time passing in class has become so easy. We all have used Google to look up answers in class exams or to find career options during classes. Long live Internet … Ha Ha !!!

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The Canteen Gossip Dental Friends

#12. The Canteen Kings & Queens Dental Students

These are the dental students – whom if you need to find – then you don’t need to go any where else

but straight to canteen.

Before college starts (for breakfast), During the college (for Lunch), After the College ( discussing the whole day of college) & in exam times (eating & studying)

You name the time of the day and they will be in canteen.

But that’s the place where friends relax after a whole day of grilling in the dental college. Over the cup of coffee hearts & minds join.

Canteen + Food + Friends = Memories

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So all rise and give salute to the canteen King & Queen type dentists

#14. The Love Birds Dental Friends

Let me laugh before I tell you this species of dental students

These are the most unique types of dental students who some time appear not to be from earth but Venus.

The Romantic Love Birds also have many subtypes

The Boy-Girl Love Birds Friends

Always happy

Eager to meet and get romantic

Always on phone

Active in social media with regular photos & romantic status updates.

Most of the sitting and studying errr … chatting in canteen & library

The Depressed Single Love Bird Friend

The love bird who has gone through a break-up.

Usually alone looking dull

Untidy and looks 10 years older

Only listens to Sad Movie Songs

This type of love bird needs attention from friends. If you are having such a friend then don’t leave that friend alone. Be with that friend and help him sail through the difficult times.

She ditched me … Waaaa … I will take sleeping pills

(From the POV of a Dental Boy)

Dude think you don’t have to spend money on her,

you don’t need to do her prostho work any more,

your phone bill also reduce. Be happy now !!!

He left me for another girl. I will stop eating

(from the POV of Dental Girl)

Girl be happy that he revealed his cheater self,

that you don’t need to write his notes,

that you don’t need to draw the histology diagrams for him &

may be you deserved better. Study now !

So do you have any such love birds type dental friends in your dental college


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The Ultimate Backbenchers type of dental friends … that’s the final type

#15. The Ultimate Back-Benchers Dental Friends !!

I was one of the backbenchers.

And I feel I had one of the most fun filled 4 years of my BDS life being with my backbenchers friend.

We Drowse in class.

We cheat in exams (class tests)

We gossip & have Fun

We plan outings .

We do a hell lot of things

For us academics was important but time with friends was even more important .

If you were also one of the backbenchers… then cheers to you.

How Me and My Back Bencher friends were in class ? ? See below πŸ˜€

This is an untold tussle that has been going on for years in all colleges between every students … The War between the front benchers and back benchers πŸ™‚

the battle is still on with no winner yet.

Reaction of front benchers during dental theory class …

And the backbenchers are like … When this class going to get over …

But in the final exams both front & backbenchers do well. Talent is not restricted to front or back bench.

SO Docs, that all the type of dental students I could find from all the years of experience from my BDS & MDS days. May be I have missed some other types. Do tell us if you know any other different types.



Hi Docs, How You all Doing … Today Am going to discuss some thing serious … Some thing very very serious … And its not about dentistry… its not about being a doctor … Can you guess what the topic is about … Yes its about love and marriage of a dental graduate 😀