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Pulp Polyp

This is a unique form of pulpitis wherein the inflamed pulp instead of perishing by continuous suppuration reacts by excessive and exuberant proliferation.This is a type of irreversible pulpitis, which is chronic and usually asymptomatic in nature. It is characterized by development of granulation tissue, covered by epithelium and it results from irritation for a long time.
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Preparation Tips for MDS Entrance Exams

The tips that are helpful in securing a good rank is same for all the entrance exams . These are the tricks that we all know about since early days of our child hood . Because our parents constantly tell…

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10 steps to MDS seat

What is your dream seat??? is it endo at aiims or ortho at maulana azad.. think again and again till you are convinced that you have a dream seat that makes you excited to the core of your heart. dreams have immense power.when you pursue your dreams, the inner strength that we all have,the divinity in our soul manifests and you are amazed that your potential is is true, i assure you.
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WHAT IS ROOT CANAL TREATMENT ? Before knowing more about root canal therapy you should understand in detail about  the structure of tooth. Root canal treatment (also called endodontics) is needed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (known as…

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Self evaluation & self questions are the best tools for us to evaluate the status of any situation . It helps in analyzing & weighing the pros n cons and also helps in finding the best possible solution. The same…

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