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Hi there dental warrior. 

This post will tell you 7 types of problems that a dentist faces and how to survive them.

Yes you need to survive these points as its highly unlikely that

you are going to change your career in the middle of your life ! 

So, get on the Survival Mode 

1. Are You Good or even Average in Arts ?

You by now realise that dentistry has a lot to do with aesthetics.

One of your job profile is to make people’s smile look good.

So try to look at things from a Aesthetic point of view 🙂

2. Practice Well in Tooth Carving

Please don’t run away from tooth carving, as it will add to your aesthetic sense of dentistry.

So when you do a restoration in a real patients mouth – outcome will be beautiful.

Happy patients will lead to more successful dental practice.

3. Want To Be a Millionaire Dentist in Short Time ?

Single most stress inducing attitude for any dentist.

Forget such ideas and concentrate on your work and skills.

Do not get carried away by looking at rich, Audi driving senior Dentists.

It took them a lot of time and hard work to get there – and you my friend have just hatched out your egg.

So, try to change this attitude to survive dentistry.

4. Do Not Under Estimate or Compare Your Dental Career with Your Friends

Single most important factor to survive dentistry is to STOP underestimating your own career.

Never compare your dental career with your friends in other careers.

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