Young Men Loosing Teeth Using Fake Online ” Do It Yourself” Orthodontic Braces

This post talks about the recent trend in Asia where more and more young people are getting into the practice of using online "Do it yourself" orthodontic braces.

This post talks about the recent trend in Asia where more and more young people are getting into the practice of using online “Do it yourself” orthodontic braces.

An unhealthy dental trend has been gripping some of the Asian countries and also made way to America and European countries.

More and more young people are adopting the habit of using designer “Do it yourself” (DIY) orthodontic braces that are available from unsolicited online markets. In the Western world, using orthodontic braces, in general, is considered as uncool.

But on the contrary, in some of the Asian countries, the use of designer orthodontics braces is being considered as a Status Symbol or a cool factor. To fulfill this trend many youngsters are buying online available “Do it yourself Orthodontics braces” and placing these braces on their teeth without the supervision of a professional & qualified dentist or orthodontist.

Surprisingly American & European markets are also getting affected by this trend. The regular orthodontics treatment is a costly affair for many. So, many middle to lower economic sections are falling prey to the use of these fake & cheap braces. They usually get it done by unqualified technicians and in few months end up distorting their tooth & smile.

This trend has been widely reported in all the major online media journals. As per the media reportthe problem with the trend is that people are using non-orthodontic, do-it-yourself braces that saloons and open-air markets are selling as if they were some earrings you just clip on. 

  1. Though the braces look shiny and studded with face glitters, but young people forget that these are made unscientifically. The adhesives that are used in these cheap & substandard ortho braces have very adverse effect on tooth and gums.
  2. The shapes of these braces are uneven and these put undue pressures on the tooth thereby making them mobile in few months.
  3. The wires being used to tie these braces are of very low quality and end up causing ulceration in the mouth.
  4. The wires and braces also lead to more accumulation of debris around the tooth these by affecting the oral health in a negative way.
  5. As these braces are fixed & tightened without the intervention of qualified orthodontist (who are trained to put it), the users have the potential tendency to hurt their mouth or accidentally aspirate the braces.

Recently, Philippines dental association released a circular regarding this stating categorically to be careful of these type of online orthodontic braces.

The American Association of Orthodontists even issued a consumer alert (warning: the image is pretty graphic) last September advising against the use of elastics as “gap bands.”)

People tend to forget that the use of Dental Brace is very technique sensitive and there is a separate specialty in dentistry to handle the procedure.

  1. The idea that by using the cheap braces on tooth smile can be improved without spending much money is the wrong idea. The public must realize that the price they are paying is not for the braces but for the skill & knowledge of the dentist who can perform a good orthodontics to improve the smile.
  2. Many times the cost for the repair of damage that is caused by these fake braces are much costlier and time taking than the actual ortho treatment.
  3. Many times the damage to the teeth is irreversible and results in eventual loss of a single or multiple teeth.
  4. The misplaced sense of fashion related to the use of fake & cheap braces in some countries eventually damages the real natural smile.

In youtube, there is a very viral video posted in 2012, where the creator of the video, a teenage girl is sharing her experience on how to get cheap easy braces & orthodontics treatment without going to the dentists.


Point to note: Why the DIY braces are so cheap?

The orthodontics bracket and braces being manufactured by reputed companies pass through many quality checks. They are also manufactured under the strict guidelines of the governing dental institutions. The manufacturers are answerable to the end user public & dentist. The public has the right to legally questions the companies in case of any wrong doings.

But the cheap braces & orthodontics wires are under no regulatory check. They are manufactured without world class machines and pushed to market without any quality check. In case you loose tooth because of these cheap brackets & braces there is no one you can question. So, think twice before using self-applying cheap orthodontics brackets/braces.


To conclude:

Do not fall for the Taglines or advertising “Cheap easy braces!! Without going to the dentist!!!!!” Dentistry is a full-fledged science and when you take it in your own hands (without having the expertise), then you are playing with your oral health.

We should raise more awareness regarding proper orthodontics treatments. At we are trying to do our part in spreading the awareness.

Everyone gets only one set of adult permanent teeth. So, people should be motivated to take care of them.