Most amazing Tooth Carvings from all over the World

Dentistry is a tough job.

Some times serious too.

But dentistry is also a profession that has many artistic qualities about it.

Being a dental surgeon is like donning 3 hats of an engineer, a doctor & an artist.

One of the most artistic aspect about dentistry is “Wax Tooth Carving” .

Wax tooth carving seems very tough in the initial days and slowly with practice it gets easier & easier. It not only gives a doctor an idea about the morphology of a tooth but also a sense of dental aesthetics.

In this post we will see some of the most amazing tooth carvings from all over the world.

Some are so good that you might feel completely amazed.

Lets start with the amazing series of carving !

10.Meet The Wax Tooth Guitar Man !

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The Tooth Carving Pendent

9.The Tooth Carving Pendent

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The Roman Tooth Carving

8.The Roman Tooth Carving

Just Wow !!!!

Tooth Carving for Gladiators !

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7.The Egyptian Tooth Carving

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Worm Tooth Carving


6.Worm Tooth Carving

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5.Carving On Lion Canine

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The Ivory Wax Carving

( Just Amazing )

4.The Ivory Wax Carving

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3.The Whale Tooth Carving

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Carving On Walrus Tooth

2.Carving On Walrus Tooth

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The Best Soap Tooth Carving Ever


The Best Soap Tooth Carving Ever

Hope You Enjoyed The Amazing Toothy Collections !

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Wax tooth carving is one of the most memorable part of Dental Surgeon’s education life. Its a serious work and as well as fun. Pic Courtesy : Serious work – it gives you a clear cut idea on the anatomy of all the tooth in a human mouth and this is essential for a dental student before handing and working on real tooth.