Amazing Points about Life that teeth carving can teach you !

Wax tooth carving is one of the most memorable part of Dental Surgeon’s education life.

Its a serious work and as well as fun.

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Serious Work

It gives you a clear cut idea on the anatomy of all the tooth in a human mouth and this is essential for a dental student before handing and working on real tooth.

If you look closely a plain work of tooth carving can teach you many amazing things about your career & life.

Fun Work

Though it does take some time to get a proper feel of the wax tooth carving, but once you do … it starts being fun. Every time you finish a tooth carving and its more and more closer to an actual tooth, the joy it gives is immense. I still remember from my graduation days that me and my friends used to have a wax carving competition – who will finish first and then seniors will decide on best carving :D.

In this post see the points how


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The First Point That Carving teaches you



1.A Simple Rectangular

Wax Block Becomes a Tooth

When you start wax carving you just have a rectangular wax block.

Its just a wax block and still not something that can be appreciated.

And as tools you just have a wax carver and a scale for measurement !

Life is also like that rectangular wax block.

In the beginning it has no definite shape or direction. You are the one who is going to shape your life, no one else will. Just like wax knife and scale you have the tools with you to shape your life. The tools are confidence, talent, belief, hard work and persistence. Its up to you to use those tools and to make something really appreciable out of your life.

Its called ” From Being Shapeless … to Be with a Shape ! “

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Making the Guide Lines

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2.Making The Guide Lines

(Proper Planning)

Before starting the actual craving of the wax block one needs to form the mental image of the tooth that you want to create. With the image of the tooth in mind one draws the basic outline that he/she will follow during the carving process. This helps in carving out the wax in a correct manner.

Same is the case with your life and career.

You might have talent or resources but all these are not going to be of use if you have don’t have a proper plan. You don’t need to make a very long term plans but make short term plans that will take you closer to your goals.

Just like in tooth carving a proper outline eliminates any chance of carving excess that will distort the tooth.

In the same way a proper planning will keep you in track for your goal in life.

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Creating Adequate Dimension In Your Life

3.Creating Adequate

Depth, Dimension & Cuts

In the previous step you did the guiding lines on the wax block.

Till now they are just the scratches on the block that have the potential to transform in to a beautiful tooth.

But for that You need to make PROPER & CORRECT cuts at the right places, create proper depth & dimensions. And slowly a beautiful tooth will start emerging from the wax block.

Life is just the same.

OK ! You are ready with all the well thought plans.

But now its time to put the plans in to actions and hard work.

And then only you plans will start becoming reality.

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Giving Form To Your Carving & Life


4.Give Form to Carving & Give Consistent Effort In Life

Life like carving needs a continuous working.

OK , now you have given the outlines (Point 1) and started carving in correct dimensions (Point 2).

But the job is not over yet. You can’t be complacent. You need to be persistent.

So you keep carving in all the correct dimensions and directions so that the out come is closer to what you expected for. This is the stage where after a lot of planning and initial actions – you need to be consistent with your efforts so that your goals start taking a shape.

Many people do this mistake of taking it easy after Point 1 & Point 2  but one should not.

Be patient & keep at your efforts and soon you will see your dreams just like a tooth coming coming out of the wax block.

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Cutting Away The Excess

5.Cutting Away The Excess &

Making the Goal More Clear

You must be using laptops regularly. If you don’t clear up the junks regularly then your laptop starts getting slower in performance.

Similarly while carving there are lot of excess wax that are of no use. But they keep clinging to the wax block and they hide the clearer shape of the emerging tooth. So one needs to trim all these excess wax so that the tooth is clearly visible to you.

Same is the case with life. Any thing excess that is pulling you away from your goal and success – you need to remove those away.

The less unwanted baggage you have the more easy it is for you the achieve your goal.

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Finishing & Polishing (The final step to target)

Point 6 . Finishing & Polishing

You have finally covered from POINT 1 to POINT 5.

By now the wax block has been carved perfectly and you can see the distinct shape of the tooth clearly visible. Its time to do the final finishing and polishing. Removing remaining traces of excess wax, clearing the wax remnants from the occlusal area & making the line angles more prominent.

Well its the same policy in life. Following POINT 1 to POINT 5 you have almost reached to your goal. Now it’s the time to give the finishing touch to all your efforts and finally that glorious success is in your hand.

So, my friends you just saw how wax tooth carving can teach some of the most valuable points in life. These points were told to us by our staff Mr.Ramanujam during my Dental Graduation days.

And today from my experience I have realised that each of these points are 100 % true.

SO carve your way to Success !

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Dentistry is a tough job. Some times serious too. But dentistry is also a profession that has many artistic qualities about it. Being a dental surgeon is like donning 3 hats of an engineer, a doctor & an artist. One of the most artistic aspect about dentistry is “Wax Tooth Carving” .