Working in the USA as a Dentist – Premium Article Details

How to Work as a Dentist in USA - Premium Article Details

(Details of the topics covered in the article NBDE 1, NBDE 2 & DDS for Outside USA Dentists)

It is a long process. The journey to complete all the formalities to finally start working as a certified dentist in USA is a long road to travel.

But you need to very careful fulfilling all the steps and requirements to finally qualify as a dentist who can work in the USA. The next natural question is - What are all the steps

"The next natural question is - What are all the steps for an international dentist to legally work in the USA as a dentist?"

All the basic doubts cleared in this PREMIUM ARTICLE such as:

The aim of this article is just to present in front of the readers a simplified & easy to follow approach to understand the long process.

All throughout the article, you will find:

  • Flowcharts to make you understand the complex process.
  • The sequence of events.
  • All the official web links in the required sequence of action.
  • Official costs from the official sources.
  • All points covered - ECE Evaluation, NBDE 1 & 2, DDS, Documentations, Official links, study materials for NBDE.
  • A detailed video explaining to you all the steps (from start to finish)
  • Links to the official documents
  • NBDE FAQs - How to?
  • Links to the popular NBDE Preparation Materials
  • Links to the official documents

Video preview of the premium article

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