Why You Need A Doctor As Your Life Partner

Hi Docs, How You all Doing …

Today Am going to discuss some thing serious … Some thing very very serious … And its not about dentistry… its not about being a doctor … Can you guess what the topic is about …

Yes its about love and marriage of a dental graduate ­čśÇ … Yes you read it correctly : )

Love it or hate it but you cant deny the fact that engineering and medical/dental and other major health degrees are the two most sought after Lady Dentistcareers. People are fixated in to these two careers to such an extent that it has become a funny thing.

I still remember the day I passed BDS, finished my internship in my certificate there was DR before my name. I was so proud. When I finished MDS I was even more happy and thankful for it.

And when it comes to marriage doctors and engineers were always the most sought after.

But off lately doctors are lagging behind in the marriage ecosystem.

Engineering and other careers are appearing more glamorous and lucrative in marriage perspective.

Of course they provide the cash-flash little soon :)…

But its not only about money … Its about money and many things more … much more valuable … there are so many qualities about a doctor/oral surgeon that are way more valuable than money … So its time to remind people again the perks of┬á marrying a doctor.

So read on to know the top reasons to have a medico as your life partner.

Let’s Start


1.You’ll never be poor. There is never a Loooong Recession Period

Lets admit it. Doctors/Dental Surgeons make lots of money. I mean seriously a lot. For some docs it comes sooner and for some a little late, but they all make money eventually. Some of the richest people abroad and in India are doctors doing very very well for them and their family.

And there is no recession period in health services. The way population is exploding (approx, minimum 72 babies per minute … OMG !!!) it’s business through out the year. It sound like Money … Ka Ching !!!

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Have a healthy & great smile

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