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DentalOrg.com offers a full range of programs designed to support your business’ marketing objectives.

What is the Goal of your Advertisement 

Do you want to create an Online Presence among the Dental Professionals/Students?

Do you want to create an Online Reach among the Dental Professionals/Students for your Educational Venture, NEET MDS Exam Preparation Center & On-Line App?

Do you want to create Brand Knowledge/Reinforcement among Dentists of South Asian Countries, India, Canada, Australia & More?

Do you want to have an effective Targeted “Social Media Marketing to the audience from all over the world?

Do you want to publish Honest Product Reviews to reach Doctors & Consumers and upcoming dentists starting with new practice?

Do you want to reach the Doctors & Consumers by Writing Contents?

Do you want to Publish your Career Articles, Stories to create an Online Writing Profile

Do you want to create a PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL BRAND for you as a Dental Professional in the Online World?

Do you want to create perfect Promotional and Marketing Videos to connect with your viewers?

DentalOrg.com is the Perfect Spot for you

Whether you are looking to increase reach and engagement around your brand’s thought leadership or drive lead generation, we can tailor a cost-effective solution for you. With more than 10 Years of Online Presence and thousands of readers/page views, your brand gets the required Brand Exposure in online and social media.

We have mentioned our website and social media statistics for your viewing.

Google Analytics Statistics

DentalOrg.com on average receives more than 1 million page views & more than 100,000 users, every month. 

DentalOrg.com has a worldwide reach & content, with viewers from all over the world. Our maximum reach is in the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East (Dubai and Gulf countries) & Indian Subcontinent.

Social Media  ~ E-mail Subscriber Statistics

DentalOrg.com is very active in social media. We are active on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Google Plus. We have reached more than 100,000 members on our official Facebook page.

We also have 50,000 Plus e-mail subscribers.

We have reached more than 100,000 members on our official Facebook page with nearly 1 million or more reach every week.

Explore all our Programs and Choose the one that is suitable for you and get your brand in front of  Consumers, Professionals & Doctors.

Put your Brand – Upfront & Infront

What are the Promotion Modes

What are the Promotion Modes


Banners At Website

Let us put your brand front and center!

By attractive Banners.

    • DentalOrg.com website has been designed and optimized for proper banner placement.
    • Banner placed will be responsive in nature adapting to any screen size.
    • We will also give you the option to show your ads exclusively to mobile viewers only. (if you want)
    • There are many Premium Areas for placing the banners.
    • This Program provides a Direct Exposure of your brand to all the readers of DentalOrg.com. It’s a very cost-effective way to have a quick presence in front of the readers. 
    • Click the button below to see the details and banner demos. Contact us today for pricing details.

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Special Fly in/ Pop up Notifications Ads

Get your Ads right in to the visitor’s attention.

  • By Highly attractive Pop ups / Fly in Notifications about your Brand & Special Offers.
  • The Special Fly in Notification and stunning to look and you can convey messages about your brand.
  • These Pop ups & Notifications are Responsive – adapting to any screen size.
  • These Special Ads are highly customisable as per your requirements.
  • Check Out the Demos to understand in detail the functionality of this advertising system.
  • This ad mode can be injected to your brand pages and general pages. With around 700,000 plus page views these Special Ads will be rotated in front of thousands of readers, giving your brand a great exposure.

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Social Media Marketing / News Letter Marketing

  • DentalOrg.com has a very very active community in Social Media. In the last few years, thousands of
    Dentists have been actively associated with DentalOrg.com via Social Media & Regular News letters.
  • Our Social media reach (Facebook reach has gone till 1 Million in a week with around 100,000 active members with around 90,000 social shares.
  • We also have a huge e-mail database of dentist, which can be used to send timely news letters promoting a dental product or system.
  • This Program provides a Direct Exposure of your brand to all the readers of DentalOrg.com in their social media. Its a very cost effective way to have a quick presence in front of the targeted audience.
  • See the Details on Social Media Promotion by clicking the button below. Contact us today for pricing details.

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Sponsored Content & Honest Reviews

  • Let us help you extend the reach of your thought leadership! Our editorial team will work with you to craft the right content to engage our audience.
  • We can provide full support to guided support with content creation based on your input or work directly with your team to ensure that your content meets our editorial standards.
  • We will promote your content on our site as well as across our social media channels and weekly newsletter.
  • Good contents written for dentists have great chance to go viral and create a lot of positive exposure for your brand.
  • This program provides an easy solution for helping your brand reach new audiences! Contact us today for pricing details. Click the button below for more details.

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Complete “BrandViews”Total Marketing Campaign

  • Let us put your brand front and centre.
  • We will create a dedicated branded category on our site where you can submit your brand’s thought leadership either manually or via blog syndication. Within this category, you will receive 100% SOVfor the banner ad inventory which can be used to promote your offers. The ad units within these branded categories typically receive up to 10x the engagement in comparison to industry standards.
  • Branded Category + Banners + Social Media/News Letter + Sponsored Content
  • Only One Brand at a time is allowed for this Total Package and during that period – no other brand will be promoted. So, complete dedicated promotion. 
  • Finally, all brands that participate in this program will receive a 30 days extra of free promotion after the stipulated promotional duration.

This program provides the greatest value and will help you increase brand awareness, engagement and lead generation! Contact us today for pricing details.

Fill the form and send us your request and we will get back to you at the earliest

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