Where to Set Up Your Dental Practice – Urban Areas vs Small Towns?

How to choose where to practice dentistry? Should you choose an Urban Area for your dental practice or Small Town? This post will answer this question and help you in taking a decision.

In this post, we are exploring the possibilities and advantages/disadvantages of opening a dental practice in a small town compared to much wanted urban areas. Therefore, this post is aimed at both new dental graduates and also for experienced dental practitioners who wish to expand further. 

Disadvantages of having a dental practice in a metro city or urban area

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1. The PRICE/EXPENDITURE factor: Establishing a practice in an entirely urban area requires a significant financial investment. It is similar to creating a startup where you keep on investing capital with the hope that it will work.

However, if your financial background is NOT STRONG to start with or you raise a considerable amount of LOAN from the market you immediately are burdened with DEBT.

For a start have a look at this post below, that covers all the financial points required for a dentist. Learn how to arrange funds for either starting a new set up or expanding your existing clinic brand.

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2. The High Prices of Real Estate: If you do not own your personal practice space, then it can get costly to pay the monthly rental. In addition to that, the rent will keep on increasing annually.

3. The High and Increasing cost of living: Better lifestyle is one of the reasons why people flock urban areas. However, if your practice is still picking up (without any additional source of revenue), it can get stressful to maintain the increasing costs of an Urban Life Style with modern amenities.

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4. High Expectation from Patients: Be aware that patients in the urban sector are highly demanding. They can pay the high prices you charge. However, you as a dentist need to be perfect in your work.

Most of the urban dentists we talked with, reported this as a constant stress point. It is the pressure of always being correct and satisfying the patients. If you cannot handle this, then your practice will go into loss very soon by a quick-spreading negative publicity.

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5. The Constant Need to Promote Yourself: In the urban areas, there is already a massive crowd of dentists (both new and established). So, just setting up a practice will not make it successful. There is a constant requirement for you to promote it.

Take it for granted, it is a mad rush. You will be under constant pressure to stay visible in the crowd of an ever-increasing number of dentists.

You will also need to spend much money to promote yourself in every online and offline medium. There is no way out, and many dentists complained that it does put them under a lot of pressure.

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6. You need to put extra effort into getting new patients. In an urban setup, just being good in your work does not guarantee success. You are in the constant struggle to get new patients in your practice. It is an ongoing process every day. Doing so is not easy, and many dentists also reported this as another high-stress point.

Read this article to know how to get new patients to your dental practice in the crowd of dental practices.

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