WHAT AFTER BDS – Story of One Young Dentist

This story follows the dental journey of a young dentist - Dr.Don. Through his story you can learn many points on dentistry that will help you in your dental career.

The most obvious choices are Private Practice or MDS

Almost all dentists aspire to have their own clinical setup with a flourishing practice someday.

Opening a new, fancy clinic in an upmarket locality requires a lot of money to purchase/rent a place and buy the latest equipment/ materials. Successful practice depends on his ability to keep maintaining his patients happy and satisfied by giving the best treatment at reasonable rates and maintaining excellent social and cordial contacts for community-based practice is here to stay.

However, the most common way for Don still remains – MDS …

What After BDS

  1. He believes that a MDS degree will get him more patients, but there is no grantee as securing high earning practice always takes a period of incubation.
  2. Although Indian patients are gradually moving towards specialists for their dental treatment, that may not be the primary criteria.
  3. The confidence gained during MDS is a definite advantage. In towns or Tier-II or Tier-III cities, he could open and manage a dental multi-specialty center having all dental consultants under one roof.
  4. He stands a chance to get recruited by many pharmaceutical companies including implant, oral hygiene, and regenerative material companies for their research activities and clinical trials. Also, he can be a consultant to various clinics.
  5. The doors of academics also open up to him, thereby assuring him of a job, with a definite source of income.

If he is looking for an affordable MDS degree, he may consider countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia wherein his cost of education would reduce tremendously.But degrees from those countries are no more directly accepted in India.

So it’s always better to do MDS in India if you ultimately plan to settle here only. 

Either through the entrance exams (that again is sometimes as easy as climbing to the top of the Everest !!!!)

So option left is to do the MDS in a private college to avoid wasting years of career again. And considering he has right people in right sources getting a seat in a private college shouldn’t be that difficult.Hopefully.

Update: If you are a dental student in India in 2017, then now even for a Private MDS Seat, you need to clear a centrally held All India Exam (NEET).

So, Buckle up and qualify the NEET to have any chance of doing MDS.

But is MDS is the Only option?

Are there any other options available?

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