How can a Dentist use the modes of Sponsorship to enhance their Practice ? Learn the tricks that Business world uses and then use it in your clinical practice.

How a Dentist can

Benefit from Sponsorship ?

Ø Benefits of Sponsorship

  1. Recognition of your Dental clinic brand
  2. Bond of loyalty for your patients
  3. Public awareness towards Dentistry
  4. Good relations with patients
  5. Networking
  6. Excellent platform for marketing and advertising
  7. Opportunities for tie-ups/partnership
  8. Contacts with other dental sectors like –Dental labs, dental material vendors etc
  9. Pathway to enter in Corporate Sector

These are some of the benefits you will be availing as a dentist by entering sponsorship zone.

As a sponsor, you can invest your money/support in any program or event. But as a dentist, you need to analyze which sector is best for you and your dental clinic to gain maximum business growth and tremendous opportunities.

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Here are few fields in Dentistry

which you can Sponsor for good returns.

CDE(Continuing Dental Education) programs

Dental publications


Authorized and reputed Conferences

Good workshops


Other healthcare sectors

Ø Points to keep in mind

before sponsoring any event/program

  1. The target market -what kind of audience you will be getting at the event.
  2. Will you get the Chance to address the audience directly
  3. Can you advertise your clinic brand effectively
  4. Media exposure
  5. Opportunities to make corporate tie-ups
  6. Networking
  7. Extravagant marketing options-like banners, standees, logo placements etc
  8. Opportunities for you and your dental clinic growth

If you are getting good opportunities for scalability of your dental clinic then you can go ahead and sponsor the event/program.

And so, now you have become Dentist + Sponsor

Remember, understanding about sponsorship is not enough to make a profit.

In order to gain direct/ indirect profits from the sponsorship you need to invest your money smartly and efficiently.

Sponsorship done intelligently and at the right place will get you lot of visibility and benefits.

Don’t let back yourself for entering in sponsorship zone.

Analyse the market, do proper research and go ahead for sponsorship, there is lot of opportunities waiting out there for dentist in industry.

So go out of your comfort zone and make history.

And lastly, as I always say, there is so much you can add to dentistry than just working in a clinic.

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