Meet different types of patients that you will meet in your practice. How to manage different types of patients?

The Bargaining Types of Patients

Doc !!!! The treatment is too Pricy !!!! You say its already reduced price but can we reduce more ?

They are the most irritating group of patients.

Their attitude towards the dental treatment is as if they are shopping for vegetables. They move from clinic to clinic not based on where they feel they can have a better treatment but based on where they can get the cheapest treatment !

In a country like India the root Canal Treatment costs Indian Rupees 5000 to 2500. That’s roughly šŸ˜Æ $.

Extraction is around INR 500 i.e 10 $

Dental Implant is on average around 250 – 300 $

And once the treatment is done they start the bargaining technique. The doctor is also forced to bargain with such patients. Even if the patient pays it will be after a lot of unnecessary bantering.

At the end of it – A doctor is exhausted and irritated spoiling the rest of the day.

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The Google Patients

The Google Patients

I already Know everything Doctor ! Tell me some thing new ! !

Google has become a necessity. No doubt.

But in many cases it is becoming a problem for the doctor.

Let me explain it.

Patients have all the information now a days at a click of their fingertips. They can access all the basic information on treatments by searching for it on the internet. In a way its good for patients as it makes them more aware.

As they say ” A little knowledge is a Dangerous thing”. Some patients start acting like a doctor after reading a little about the treatment on theĀ internet. They act cocky and whenever you try to explain things to them – they are like ” Oh ! We already know that !!!

Its a real pain to deal with such patients !

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The Patient Type every Doctor is Afraid of

The Paranoid Patients