Dental Clinic Set Up Has

Two Types Of Expenditures

One Time Expenditures

Infrastructure Costs

Cost of Place 

If you are planning to buy a space for your dental clinic then it’s a one time cost. The price of the property varies from one state to other. Within a region, it also varies from a prime location or a side location. Its one of the most difficult tasks in setting up a clinic. Finding a place of your choice is like finding a needle in a haystack. So in case you are planning to buy the space for your clinic in one time then be ready with minimum 20 lakhs.

Cost of the Interiors

This is the second one time cost. How much you want to spend on interiors depends completely on how much you want to spend on it & in which area you are starting the clinic.

For example – You are starting a clinic in rural area. Then there is no need to make the interiors very posh. Reason being you can’t charge too much from the rural patients. So you have to minimise your investment in interiors. Just decent design and one AC is enough. That will give you the liberty to keep your treatment prices low (as there is no added pressure on you for investing on costly interiors) and in return you will have a chance to get more number of patients.

Suppose you are opening a clinic in Mumbai or any other state in a prime market location/posh area. In that case, you are forced to spend a good amount of money on the interiors. But if you are having funds to purchase or rent a place for your clinic in such a costly locality then you will surely have money to spend on interiors.

The bottom line the interiors should be soothing to look and comfortable for you to work. Remember you are going to spend hours in your clinic. If you are extra picky you can hire an architecture for designing. Any ways depending on what you can spend on the interiors, this is your second one-time expenditure.

To that list you can also add – TV + Refrigerator + AC + DTH

Cost of the instruments

This is the third one time cost you need to complete. Depending on what type of clinic you are opening instruments can very for you. Of course, there are some instruments that every clinic should have. Then there are specialized instruments. Suppose your clinic is a dental implant specialization clinic then you will need to have the latest instruments related to that. Suppose your clinic is advanced endodontics center, then you will need modern microscopes for minute RCTs. We have prepared a complete list of all the possible instruments that you might possibly need for your first clinic. You can check it here. Of course, you can add or delete depending on your requirements. See the Complete list at the end of the last side.

Dental chairs/ X-ray Unit/ RVG/ Endo motor/ Scalers/ Compressors and many more dental equipment. Search the market for the equipment that best fit your budget. For example, a dental chair can come for a price of 1.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs. You decide which one you want. In case, of buying dental chair always keep a track that the servicing is provided promptly. If you feel any particular dental chair company is not having adequate support – don’t go for them. Ask local dentists regarding this and you will get a better picture.

Some dealers provide a package to provide all the equipment provided you purchase the equipment from them. It’s a good system as you get a good discount. So get information about the dealers from a senior dentist and call all of them and see who is giving you the best deal.

Cost of Approvals

Before you can start your clinic there are some one time Govt. approvals that you need to clear. for example, to run the equipment in your clinic you need to upgrade your electricity connection. You need to apply for that. All these vary from place to place. So do a complete inquiry about all such approvals that is needed by your clinic.

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The most important expenditures

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