Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With A Dentist?

In this post, a dentist is analyzing why it is good to have a dentist as a lover. To support his point he provides 10 practical reasons.

#5. Free Nights

Unlike in other healthcare professions, most dentists have fixed working hours. Which translates to free nights for hot dates any day of the week!

With the flexible time in their hand, they have the option to have a little fun.

There is a misnomer that doctors are serious creatures. It’s just the opposite. Doctors throughout their career keep making great contacts. By default, doctors are good in PR skills as they deal with people from all classes of society.

Thanks to patients, fellow friends, and networking skills, both of you will have an amazing social life. It’s also a fact that – Dentists work hard … and enjoy and party even harder & have a very cool head ( that comes with the real confidence of directly healing people).

So, with a dentist, it’s fun unlimited.

#6. Free Stuffs & Dental Treatments

Your dentist will give you any stuff you might need for yourself, ranging from free toothpaste samples to expensive dental treatments. Only because he/she is in love with you!

Dental treatments are not cheap. But if you are in love with a dentist, then you won’t need to spend money on your dental treatments. You are assured to have a sparkling smile and shining teeth.

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Why should you have a dentist lover?

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