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Apollo White Dental, the dental vertical of globally renowned healthcare giant Apollo Hospitals, a Joint Venture with Trivitron Health Care, is the largest and most trusted dental chain in India with over 70 centres in 17 cities. Our aim is to bring world class dental care to every city within one’s reach.

Each of the centres of Apollo White Dental are unique in terms of the best of ambience, best of hi end technologies and world class treatments.

Apollo White Dental introduced the concept of the first of its kind 7 star Dental Spa in India, that brings top of the line indulgences along with the best of the doctors and cutting edge technology in a luxurious, sophisticated and calm ambience. One can have a scoop of frozen yogurt, Dine at the WHITE cafeteria, Listen to one’s favorite music, Watch Movies, get one’s Pedicure and Manicure done, Relax in the Massage Chair, engage children in X Box gaming.

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Integrated Dental Holdings England

#3.Integrated Dental Holdings (England)

Its one of he biggest and most profitable dental clinic chains in England and at world level. They are spread almost all over England and planning for expansion in the overseas market also. IDH is one of the most trusted dental clinic corporate chain in England. Many dentists have merged their individual practices with IDH.

The moto of IDH is not only to provide patients with the the best dental health infrastructure but also make the conditions very comfortable for the dentists to work without taking much stress.

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