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In this post, you will check out some of the biggest multimillion-dollar dental chains in the world.

You will be amazed to see the millions that are spent on infrastructure and practice. These dental chains are having a turnover of millions of dollars. That’s the corporate dentistry in its full glory.


(Check out the slides and know the top dental franchises)

In one of the previous article, we have discussed the pros & cons of corporate/dental franchises and how beneficial it is for the dentists. You can read the article here.

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#1.Smiles Dental Care (Ire Land & UK)

Smile dental care started in 2005 by Emmet O’ Neil.

He is a business graduate but by the age of 30, he was owning one of the most famous and biggest chains of dental practices in Ireland that later expanded to England. The idea came to him when he himself went as a patient to one orthodontist asking for tooth whitening. But the dentist was not having the facility and here is where Emmet got the idea for a dental chain.

Its one of the most successful dental chains with a valuation in millions.

The clinics are very luxurious.

Recently it was taken over by Oasis group for an undisclosed amount (approx 60 t0 80 million pounds).

We have covered the entire story of Smile Dental Care in another article.

You can read more about How Emmet O’ Neil created the dental empire here:

A Man With A 35 Million Dollars Dental Chain

It is not impossible because there are doctors/people who have done it. There will also be doctors/people who will do it in future & you might be one of those doctors. The biggest dream for any dentist can be told in 3 lines : To be respected as an academician.

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