Check out the richest dental chains in the world. How they work and how they are changing the way dentistry works !

In this post, you will check out some of the biggest multimillion-dollar dental chains in the world.

You will be amazed to see the millions that are spent on infrastructure and practice. These dental chains are having a turnover of millions of dollars. That’s the corporate dentistry in its full glory.


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In one of the previous article, we have discussed the pros & cons of corporate/dental franchises and how beneficial it is for the dentists. You can read the article here.

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#1.Smiles Dental Care (Ire Land & UK)

Smile dental care started in 2005 by Emmet O’ Neil.

He is a business graduate but by the age of 30, he was owning one of the most famous and biggest chains of dental practices in Ireland that later expanded to England. The idea came to him when he himself went as a patient to one orthodontist asking for tooth whitening. But the dentist was not having the facility and here is where Emmet got the idea for a dental chain.

Its one of the most successful dental chains with a valuation in millions.

The clinics are very luxurious.

Recently it was taken over by Oasis group for an undisclosed amount (approx 60 t0 80 million pounds).

We have covered the entire story of Smile Dental Care in another article.

You can read more about How Emmet O’ Neil created the dental empire here:

A Man With A 35 Million Dollars Dental Chain

It is not impossible because there are doctors/people who have done it. There will also be doctors/people who will do it in future & you might be one of those doctors. The biggest dream for any dentist can be told in 3 lines : To be respected as an academician.

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Apollo White Dental, the dental vertical of globally renowned healthcare giant Apollo Hospitals, a Joint Venture with Trivitron Health Care, is the largest and most trusted dental chain in India with over 70 centres in 17 cities. Our aim is to bring world class dental care to every city within one’s reach.

Each of the centres of Apollo White Dental are unique in terms of the best of ambience, best of hi end technologies and world class treatments.

Apollo White Dental introduced the concept of the first of its kind 7 star Dental Spa in India, that brings top of the line indulgences along with the best of the doctors and cutting edge technology in a luxurious, sophisticated and calm ambience. One can have a scoop of frozen yogurt, Dine at the WHITE cafeteria, Listen to one’s favorite music, Watch Movies, get one’s Pedicure and Manicure done, Relax in the Massage Chair, engage children in X Box gaming.

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Integrated Dental Holdings England

#3.Integrated Dental Holdings (England)

Its one of he biggest and most profitable dental clinic chains in England and at world level. They are spread almost all over England and planning for expansion in the overseas market also. IDH is one of the most trusted dental clinic corporate chain in England. Many dentists have merged their individual practices with IDH.

The moto of IDH is not only to provide patients with the the best dental health infrastructure but also make the conditions very comfortable for the dentists to work without taking much stress.

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My Dentist Dental Chains

#4.My Dentist Dental Chains India

Mydentist is India’s largest chain of dental clinics providing high quality & hi-tech dental care services at affordable prices. As per the company website they state – “We have a specific methodology of treatment wherein we try to provide our patients complete information regarding the treatment offered.”

Clinics are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm with 400 dentists working across shifts thus offering patients more time slots to get treated.

The clinics are equipped with hi-tech dental equipment and are linked with a cloud based computer system. This means that a patient can start a treatment at one clinic say near home and continue it at any other clinic near office as all records are available online.

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Floss Dental Clinic USA

#5.Floss Dental Clinic Chain (USA)

One of the few dentists having a dental center in almost all the states in USA. He also comes in the bracket of richest dentist with one of the fastest growing dental franchise in the world with yearly turnover of around 5 million dollars and total estimated price of all the practice setups is around 50 million dollars.

Dr. Clint Herzog grew up in south Texas, graduated from Texas A&M in ’96 and was top-ranked at UT San Antonio Health Science Center in 2000.

After running one of the most successful and well-respected cosmetic dental practices in Dallas, he created the concept of FLOSS, a high tech practice providing the full range of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, at an in-network price. He has fused his small town upbringing with the latest in the dental profession to create a “New experience in dentistry.”

He has served on the Dallas police review board, is involved with DASA (Dallas All Sports Association) and was an honorary chair for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) Dallas. He enjoys traveling and hanging with his friends at the lake. He is extremely involved in many areas of the Dallas social and charitable scene. Clint is also very proud of his adorable daughter Parker, 6 years, son Hudson, 2 years and son Axel, 6 months.

His clinical setups are some of the most hi- tech and comfortable dental practices where patients are treated with oxygenated water or a glass of wine as per the clients request.

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Axis Dental India 

#6.Axiss Dental India

Axiss Dental has been providing quality dental treatments in India since 2004. Quintessential skills of our experts, high standards of hygiene and the latest in technology amalgamate to spread smiles at Axiss Dental. Founded by Dr. Amit Sachdeva and Dr. (Capt.) Sandeep Sharma, Axiss has a vision of providing the best in Dental care in a pleasing and patient friendly manner. Axiss Dental is a pioneer in establishing the preventive approach towards dental ailments thereby helping people to identify and treat problems far earlier .

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Aspen Dental Chain USA 

#7.Aspen Dental Chain

(400 dental chains across USA)

Aspen dental clinic chain is one of the most wide spread all over USA catering to millions of patients. Its one of the biggest and most profitable dental clinic chains in the world.

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Controversies of the Corporate Dental Chains ?

Are they Really Good ?

What Are The Controversies Related To Corporate Dental Clinic Chains ?

We have listed some of the biggest and most profitable corporate dental clinic chains.

There are many more. But we posted about a few in this article. More will be posted in future articles.

So you see that all these corporate practices have excellent infrastructure, manpower and all the comforts a patient can desire for.

Personally I also prefer the corporate sector of dentistry as it seems to be more streamlined & professional.

Then what’s the reason that in recent past many controversies have erupted against the corporate system of dental practice.

Is it just a few unsatisfied patients or in general there seems to be a issue ?

We did a little research and found many facts.

In USA also there are many litigation against many of the corporate dental practices.

In India & South Asian Countries also the complaints seems to be rising.

Though nothing can be said exactly but its not difficult to guess the problem & I can say this as I did some of the corporates dental chain myself to see their approach.

I wont name the practices but this is what I observed :

At The End Of The Day : SHOW ME THE MONEY

Its costs a huge load of money to establish dental chains.

There is big loans, share holders money and lot of other financial demands.

In a private practice a single dentist might take it easy.

But in corporate sector the demand for profit is too high.

The doctors who work there are given cut depending on how many cases they do. Also salary based system is in use.

So the moment a patient enters the dental clinic, the marketing machinery starts to charge as much money as possible for one client.

Some of the treatments I inquired for were quoted extremely high.

This happens because the corporate sector demands money & profit.

You can just Google about it and many such reported instances will catch your notice.

In return of the world class infrastructure that’s provided, you might be asked to pay almost $1000 for a regular ultrasonic scaling !!! What do you feel about that ?

But at the same the dental chains are also doing a lot of community service. But is it just a way to strengthen their commercial aspect.

So, we end the article here … leaving you with the question

Do you really feel the Corporate System Of Dental Chain is Good For Dentistry or Not So Good?