Weird & Amazing Dental Innovations In The World !


There is a misconception that dentistry is a serious work with doctors who are always serious.

Well , yes dentistry is a serious job but if you look close enough then there are many such dental innovations in the world that will take dentistry beyond the boundaries of  seriousness.

We have collected for you some of the most amazing and weird dental innovations and artifacts from all over the world. It will definitely shock you, amaze you and make you happy too. So what are we waiting for Lets start the this awesome collection.

#1. The Giant Tooth Of Trenton Newjersy

The Trenton area in New Jersy is full of statues and one such famous statue is the Giant Molars. Its one the most famous molar teeth in the world. I asked one of my friend in New Jearsy to take some snaps and mail it me and he did. So welcome the king molar.

You will never see a more bigger molar ever.

Wow !!! Really Amazing !!!

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For the Amazing Temple of Tooth in India


Special Entry : The Amazing Temple Of Tooth India

There is a town in Indian where there is an exclusive temple for tooth. Its Amazing India with toothy variety. Check it out

All Pray the Tooth Lord ( Haryana, India)

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 The Amazing Fountain Of Tooth in Japan


#2. The Tooth Fountain (Japan)

This one is in Tokiyo. The Tooth Fountain. How many of you knew about it 🙂

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The Amazing Dental Guitar


#3.Check out this amazing dental guitar 🙂

Its actually part the dental clinic design for kids

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1st The Barbie Dental Statue


#4. The Sweet Lady Dentist

She Definitely Pulls The Teeth Out

Dy Designer Denis Filtser

The Most Beautiful & Attractive Dentist Ever


#5.Meet Barbie The Dentist

Meet the most attractive dentist ever.

SO who wants to be the patient ? ? ?

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See the Amazing Sand Sculpture Of The Dentist


#6. The Sand Statue Of Dentist

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The Viking Dentist


#7. The Viking Dentist

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The 5000 $ priced wooden dentist


#8.The 5000 $ priced wooden statue

This statue has been carved out of pure teak wood and low polished to give it a vintage look.

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the LEGO Dental Statutes. Yes They Exist


#9.The Amazing Lego Dentists

Aww finally we have the Lego dentists.

Any one if you saw the Lego Movie ! It was Awesome

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The Dentist Couple That Will Light Up Your Day


#10. The Dentist Couple Statue

Wow … I want one of these … do you ???

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#11.The World’s Best Dental Entrance

Do you want the entrance of your dental clinic like this ?

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A Foot Ball Stadium In A tooth … Its Insane

#12.Stadium In A tooth

The entire thing is made up of Card Board and POP ! Wow !!!

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#14.The House Made with Tooth Picks

Now … This is some real toothy work … Wow … How Long It Takes To make It  ! ! !

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The Amazing Dental Jewelries !!! Wow Wow !!!

Ladies Pay Attention !!! And Some Guy Jewellery too


#15.The Diamond Dental Bangles

Ladies … This one is specially for you

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#16 & 17.The Million Dollar Crown

Yes its pure gold and diamond studded … The Million Dollar Crown

Well you will need body guard if you planning to have one.

Don’t Stop : We Have More …

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The Million Dollar Retainer


#18. The Dental Gold Pendents

These are custom made pendents and necklace. Any true heart dentist can order one to be made at their nearest jewellery shop.

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Finally Comes the Golden Diamond Dentures. Don’t miss !!!


#19. The Diamond Studded Golden Dental Dentures

The patient has to be seriously rich and partially edentulous.

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The Glass Tooth Necklace & Time Watch

(World War II Time)


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#20. World War II Time


#21.Horse & Tooth Made From Ivory

Its an old artifact in Udanga used in praying to the forest lord.

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Check Out The Dental Tattoos

#22. The Dental Tattoos Set 1

Dental tattoos are a unique fashion statement. Some like it & some don’t. But its a trend.

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Amazing Dental Tattoos set 2 . Its Cool !!!!


#23. Amazing Dental Tattoos Set 2

#24. Some weird Dental Tattoos Set 3

All in one collection of many designs of dental tattoos. Wow !!! Really innovative.

See Micky Mouse On the Tooth : )

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#25.Micky Mouse On Tooth

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not On Tooth


#26.Ripley’s Believe It Or Not On Tooth

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See Dental Chairs Made From Wire


#27.Dental Chairs Made From Wire

Dental chairs replica made completely from scrap & wires.

See The Next Level Of Dental Innovation.

Dental Body Tattoos !!! Some seriously crazy stuff :O

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#28. Dental Tattoos 😀

Its seriously weird … Any one interested !

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Some Amazing Dental Crafts


#29. Toothy Candle Holder

He he … Specially For You Diwali & Christmas


#30. Tooth Wodoo Necklace

African wodoo !!!

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Have You Ever Heard About Dental Juicer


#31. Fancy Tooth Brush Strand & Mixer

Seriously !!!! Ha Ha …


#32. Dental Swiss Knife

Multipurpose Dental Utility Tool 😀

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Amazing Wonder Dental Carvings


#33.Awesome Dental Carving

Wow !!! Pure Dental Talent

Any one Want Dental Toothy Slippers !!!!

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#34. Toothy Slippers

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Human Sculptures on Tooth Brush


#35.Human Sculptures on Tooth Brush

This micro art sculptures of human statues on toothbrush !!! Just amazing !!!

The Final Artifact of this collection : The Tools Of Dentistry

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#36.Tools Of Dentistry

Natural Bristles Tooth Brush

Well doctors that’s it for now … We will soon get back with even more new collections of dental creations. For Now stay cool and Enjoy !!!

Artifacts Collected by DR.RAUL

Thanks Doc 🙂