Top 5 Ways For Lady Doctors To Protect Themselves

This post is dedicated and for all the lady doctors who work late into the night in clinics and hospitals. This article is for them to show them few points on how they can take care of their safety. Do forward & share the post to create more awareness. 

2. Listen To Your Gut Feeling

“Gut Feeling” “Sixth Sense” – You can call it whatever you want but they both are meant to the do same thing, and that is to make you nervous and aware of any possible danger.

This feeling or sense is much more efficient than any other safety device. But the problem is many women neglect it and pay the price for it. Let me give you an example …

It’s late in the night, and you are in a party. It’s time to go back home and its just 5 KM away.

You don’t have a car. What will you do?

Ideally, you should ask one of your very close friends to drop you home.

But you might decide you will go back on your own without troubling your friends.

You choose to take a random auto/taxi.

Your sixth sense will tell you right there ” Don’t go alone in an unknown car, auto or taxi late in the night .”

But you will tend to overlook it. You might think ” My home is so nearby “ You sit in the auto and after a while auto guy adds another rider in front saying he will get down next stop.

Your sixth sense will buzz severely telling you something is wrong. Get out now. Leave the auto and go back in the open. But You might tend to overlook it.

And you keep going in the auto and directly fall into the lap of danger.

Neglecting your inner sense, sixth sense or gut feeling can be very costly

Learn to trust this power and use it to your full advantage.

Avoid a person or a situation which does not “feel” safe–you’re probably right.

Just like Spiderman can guess the danger by trusting his Spider-Sense.

For many young lady doctors working late into the night, this is very crucial.

Your safety, in the end, depends on your state of mind and alertness.

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