Top 5 Ways For Lady Doctors To Protect Themselves

This post is dedicated and for all the lady doctors who work late into the night in clinics and hospitals. This article is for them to show them few points on how they can take care of their safety. Do forward & share the post to create more awareness. 


This post is dedicated and for all the lady doctors who work late into the night in clinics and hospitals. This article is for them to show them few points on how they can take care of their safety. Do forward & share the post to create more awareness. 

The world is changing … But is it for good or worst?

Very tough to answer.

Many good things are happening, and at the same time, it’s tilting towards getting bad.

One of the negative points is increasing crime rates against women.


There are many practical reasons for it, to name a few

1. Poor Economic Status that leads to financial & sexual depravity among men.

2. The feeling of powerlessness and fear to approach woman or face rejection.

3. The urge to force dominance.

Changing society is difficult. It’s a slow process & undefined process.

Women in the health science/care services often work late into the night. It’s a very demanding job, and many times lady health professionals have no choice but to arrive late to their home, after completing their professional commitments.

As much as we may like to imagine the society as safe, it is not.

So it’s time for the women to take their safety into their own hands. Don’t expect the police or a stranger to come for your help. You are on your own. Once you realize this, then you will feel the need to know the tricks to protect yourself. 

This post will give ten such skills that the lady doctors and health professionals can use to protect themselves in case someone is forceful with them. These simple tricks can prove vital and help escape such situations.

1. Awareness of the Surrounding

Awareness is the 1st line of your defense. Safety doesn’t mean fighting, kicking the groins, wrestling. Being aware of your surrounding is the best way to protect yourself.

The criminal’s primary strategy is to surprise you and then weaken you. But, when you are properly aware of your surroundings, that automatically makes you alert. Studies have shown that criminals are adept at choosing people as targets who appear to be unaware or seem confused about what is going on around them.

For example, let’s say while on the road you are not able to recall the correct route. Don’t let it show on your face. Don’t just immediately ask anyone passing by. Stay calm, look around and see for people you feel OK to ask.

Many potential predators will notice just the worried and confused reaction.

By being aware of your surroundings and by projecting a “force presence,” many altercations which are commonplace on the street can be avoided.

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Never Ignore Your Gut Feeling

2. Listen To Your Gut Feeling

“Gut Feeling” “Sixth Sense” – You can call it whatever you want but they both are meant to the do same thing, and that is to make you nervous and aware of any possible danger.

This feeling or sense is much more efficient than any other safety device. But the problem is many women neglect it and pay the price for it. Let me give you an example …

It’s late in the night, and you are in a party. It’s time to go back home and its just 5 KM away.

You don’t have a car. What will you do?

Ideally, you should ask one of your very close friends to drop you home.

But you might decide you will go back on your own without troubling your friends.

You choose to take a random auto/taxi.

Your sixth sense will tell you right there ” Don’t go alone in an unknown car, auto or taxi late in the night .”

But you will tend to overlook it. You might think ” My home is so nearby “ You sit in the auto and after a while auto guy adds another rider in front saying he will get down next stop.

Your sixth sense will buzz severely telling you something is wrong. Get out now. Leave the auto and go back in the open. But You might tend to overlook it.

And you keep going in the auto and directly fall into the lap of danger.

Neglecting your inner sense, sixth sense or gut feeling can be very costly

Learn to trust this power and use it to your full advantage.

Avoid a person or a situation which does not “feel” safe–you’re probably right.

Just like Spiderman can guess the danger by trusting his Spider-Sense.

For many young lady doctors working late into the night, this is very crucial.

Your safety, in the end, depends on your state of mind and alertness.

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Carry a Pepper Spray, it can save you!

3. Pepper Spray

(Women know about it, But Neglect it)

It is one of the handiest ways of self-protecting. It’s easy to carry, easy to use & very effective. It doesn’t need any strength to use, and it’s effective for many persons.

Just spray the pepper particulates.

It gives a real burning sensation to your attacker.

It will take anyone minimum 20 min just to open the eye a little bit.
That gives you enough time to ESCAPE from the danger.

This small can of pepper spray can help you in a big way.

But as a girl and a doctor who might be working late into the night, you should not rely only on devices. You should know how to hurt your attacker without any mercy.

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Always have an escape plan.

Don’t panic but plan your escape

4. Escape Plan

If your gut feeling says that you are going to be in trouble, then don’t neglect the signal. It’s always better to attempt to escape before a physical attack is needed.

The attacker might threaten you to go with him/her, and you might be compelled to go thinking otherwise you will be hurt. But the fact is even if you go with him, he has plans to harm you.

So, always the try to escape the primary crime scene. If the attacker feels you are a tough catch, he will himself escape. Run to the nearest crowded area and shout for help.

Throw a rock or stone at him to unsettle him and make a run for the escape. Peeper spray we discussed in the previous point can be convenient in these situations.

The farther you can move away from the scene the safer you get.

5. Attacking Physically

It should be used as a last resort. If in spite of all the precautions you are in a catch 55 situation then attack is the last option. Unless you are a trained fighter, it ‘s hard to outwit the predator purely on a strength basis.

So what do you do ???

You attack the weak spot. It’s not the groin as you might think. It is an option but to hit there you need to get closer to the person facing the attacker. What if the attacker grabs you from behind?

Attack The Eye

Don’t hesitate. Be cruel. Be ruthless because that attacker has no mind to show you mercy.

Eyes are the softest and tender part of the body, and you got to hit it first without delay.

Use your thumb or index/middle finger and ram it into the eye of the attacker. You can attack the eyes even if the attacker is grabbing you from behind.

Uppercut to nose with full force using your palm. It pushes the nasal floor straight up and very very painful. It is very handy if you are at lower level than your attacker.

Finally, a kick to the groin and the macho thought goes away from the mind of the attacker.

You have to show no mercy and inflict the maximum pain. That will give time to you escape the primary site.

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Basic Points for your safety

Points that will help you stay safe

1. Always keep your friends/parents/family informed where are you going.

2. Use the modern day app to send an alarm to your people in case of danger.

3. Never hope an auto or taxi late night when you are all alone.

4. Before you enter any bus, check if there are any passenger or just bus workers.

5. Be alert of your surroundings and the people around you in an open place.

6. Don’t get cocky or arrogant or complacent ever about your safety.

Never take anything for granted especially your safety. Be conscious about it. Train yourself physically to be strong and have stamina. To escape/run away from danger you need to have stamina.