Top 5 Ways For Lady Doctors To Protect Themselves


This post is dedicated and for all the lady doctors who work late into the night in clinics and hospitals. This article is for them to show them few points on how they can take care of their safety. Do forward & share the post to create more awareness. 

The world is changing … But is it for good or worst?

Very tough to answer.

Many good things are happening, and at the same time, it’s tilting towards getting bad.

One of the negative points is increasing crime rates against women.


There are many practical reasons for it, to name a few

1. Poor Economic Status that leads to financial & sexual depravity among men.

2. The feeling of powerlessness and fear to approach woman or face rejection.

3. The urge to force dominance.

Changing society is difficult. It’s a slow process & undefined process.

Women in the health science/care services often work late into the night. It’s a very demanding job, and many times lady health professionals have no choice but to arrive late to their home, after completing their professional commitments.

As much as we may like to imagine the society as safe, it is not.

So it’s time for the women to take their safety into their own hands. Don’t expect the police or a stranger to come for your help. You are on your own. Once you realize this, then you will feel the need to know the tricks to protect yourself. 

This post will give ten such skills that the lady doctors and health professionals can use to protect themselves in case someone is forceful with them. These simple tricks can prove vital and help escape such situations.

1. Awareness of the Surrounding

Awareness is the 1st line of your defense. Safety doesn’t mean fighting, kicking the groins, wrestling. Being aware of your surrounding is the best way to protect yourself.

The criminal’s primary strategy is to surprise you and then weaken you. But, when you are properly aware of your surroundings, that automatically makes you alert. Studies have shown that criminals are adept at choosing people as targets who appear to be unaware or seem confused about what is going on around them.

For example, let’s say while on the road you are not able to recall the correct route. Don’t let it show on your face. Don’t just immediately ask anyone passing by. Stay calm, look around and see for people you feel OK to ask.

Many potential predators will notice just the worried and confused reaction.

By being aware of your surroundings and by projecting a “force presence,” many altercations which are commonplace on the street can be avoided.

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