Best Time In College Days For A Doctor


That Silly Happy Smile … Remembering Hostel Days

This post is exclusively dedicated to all those students who lived in hostel for longs years away from home.

Being in a hostel is a completely unique experience. It’s like another world in a world.

Here is the place when you grow not only in years of your life but also in experience.

Here is the place where you make life long friends … and … err … some life long adversaries 🙂

You learn how to take care of yourself on your own.

You learn the value of respecting others and to be more responsible in what you say and do.

It has been said rightly – being in hostel is like being in a ” Gurukul “. One year in hostel can teach you more about your life than any book can possibly teach you.

But apart from all this hostel life is full of fun & adventure. The happy memories with friends that we make during hostel days last us a life long. When ever we are alone our mind will automatically go to those happy memories ….

In this post we will revisit some of those awesome hostel days.

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1. Watching INDIA Cricket matches together

Any day when India was playing a cricket match … it was like a carnival. If it was a day night match or especially a T 20 match it was like we have been offered buckets of sweets.

The entire hostel watching the cricket match together in the hall is still one of the most unifying momemt in hostel life.

That was the time when there was no senior & no junior. All were just Indian Team Fans.

Bleed Blue

Arguing why this player is better than that : )

Each Four And Six Was Cheered … Yay !!!!!

Each Indian Wicket gone … Oh Nooo ….

The Full on swearing …

Its was nothing less than watching the match in a stadium

And when Indian Finally wins the game … the sound of celebration goes very very far.

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The Maggi Wars in Hostel 

2. Its time for the Magi Wars … Let The Battle Begin

Maggi … The name is enough …

Late night in hostel. Dinner is over, and we suddenly get that hunger pang …

You start cooking Maggi and suddenly your friends barge in … 😀

Then starts the epic war for the Maggi … The Maggi wars …

But in real sense its the bond of friend ship …

and some of the best hostel memories.

Hostel Canteen Days 

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3. Gossiping In Hostel Canteen During & After College

This was & is still the best activity in all the years of hostel days. After a whole day of college work, clinical, patients & lectures …  canteen is the place where dental students chill out. This is the place where friends bonded. Every one will tell their problem, frustrations, which staff scolded them and get some weird solutions to it 🙂 … Hanging out with friends in the canteen is one of the things that we miss the most after dental graduation.

Hostel canteen is the place where over a cup of tea studies are discussed, fights are resolved, outing plans are made and much more. Its the place where stories are made 😀

Canteen + Food + Friends = Memories

That’s one activity you will remember most even after years of leaving hostel.

The Late Night Studies 

The Night Before Exams ! 

Do you Remember

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4. The Late Night Studies Before Exams in a Pack

One thing you can be sure of : In hostel whole year very few people study 😀 its a fact … in fun and talks and college works the year goes by and exams stand on our head …

Then starts the last minute group studies … we become machines … divide the chapters … and start studying like a machine 😀 … till morn before we go to the exam hall 🙂

And the celebration when we pass … is epic … and at the same time if any of our friends failed … we all stand together with him and give them the courage.

Hostel life teaches us the enjoy our success and also the realisation that success is nothing without being there with your friends.

Love Issues in Hostel 

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5.Love In Hostel

Now in hostel there are always some creatures who are always with their phone . Either they are texting or full time talking.

Are you also one of them 😀

Well its ok … nothing wrong in that. In fact I was also one of those creatures 🙂

That’s why its called love in hostel. Being in hostel we stay so much away from home. And its natural that people fall in love and support each other.

In 2015 communication has become so much easier … its the smart phone Facebook world.

There are many successful love stories forged during hostel days. There are many heart breaks also.

But we need to take both the experiences in stride and move ahead in life.

6. Whole Nights Spent Trying to Finish College Works

All the years of dental education (1st year to final year) has so many works. Preclinical works to clinical works … all the pending work is completed in Hostel … Just see the pictures …

Gosh !!! though that time it was irritating … But over the years they slowly become fond memories 😀

Sleeping Syndrome in Hostels and in Class 

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7 . Sleeping Like DUCKS  😀

(Hostel Students Coming Late Syndrome)

Hostel Days are always full of gossip. Talks on boys, girls, movies, teachers etc. All topics are covered. Censored & Uncensored 😀

The talks go on till 3 AM in the morning …

Some are busy on phone

We sleep at 3 AM and wake up mostly at 9 AM . College starts at 9 AM 

We Run For The College

Even after so many years late coming students have the same reason 😀

And the teacher is like … You hostelites are living within the college and still coming late

get out of the class

And some how when we sit in the class after all that … we start doing this 😀

Ha ha ha … Am sure you all will do this or have done this.

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Its all about Time with Friends

8. Last but Not The Least

We just covered some of the major memories of hostel days.

Hostel days are the golden days of our college days.

Long after we have finished our education and settled in life we will miss the hostel days the most.

The never ending days and nights and ever lasting friendship.

Truly … one of the most memorable days of anyone’s life.

Friends Forever … Hostel Days … 😀