Top 20 Dental Clinics in the World – The Coolest & The Most Awesome

Dr. Myers Retro Ortho Clinic

In a tribute to the past, this orthodontist office in Arkansas resembles a 1950s diner and car service station. Hot rod enthusiast Dr. David Myers built all of the furniture by hand, and the office features a 1947 Mercury coupe for the reception desk and a 1956 Olds 98 and pinks 1959 Cadillac as coaches.

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The Dental Clinic For Teens with guitars above dental chairs

The Dental Clinic For Teens

with guitars above dental chairs

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Designed from the ground up for teens, DFT – Dentistry for Teens – features a technology counter for MAC browsing, smoothies, online music, and gameplay. Props from My Studio Line create the movie theater like a cloud above the counter. There’s a bank of Video Game screens for XBox and Playstation amongst the comic book wall.

A vintage Ms. Pacman table console and a DVD jukebox offer entertainment. The rock n’ roll operator features a 9-foot guitar, video gaming and movie viewing on the patient’s video screen. Dentistry for Teens was designed by Aaron Christensen, owner of

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Awesome Clinic For Kid. You will feel like a kid there. Cool !!!!

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