Top 20 Dental Clinics in the World – The Coolest & The Most Awesome

Royal Dental in Bucharest, Romania


It’s good to be the king, and at Royal Dental in Bucharest, Romania, everyone’s treated like royalty! Well, maybe not, but at least their dental needs are treated amidst office decor that would make Marie Antoinette feel right at home. Designed by EZZO, Royal Dental dazzles its staff and patients with a princely color scheme featuring bright white walls & fixtures highlighted by majestic purple trim.

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Orange Themed Dental Clinic

Orange Themed Dental Clinic (Germany)

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The dentist KU64 on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin-Charlottenburg is designed by Graft architects with a modern and futuristic concept. Owned by Dr. Ziegler, this dental clinic uses a radically new morphology for a medical setting.

The interior uses striking color, an inspiration between orange, white red and smooth lighting, resulting in a stunning and amazing dental interior. Anamorphic images in white are silk screened onto the orange surface and can only be deciphered from distinct viewpoints. While moving through the clinic, the surface’s appearance continuously changes. Furniture and topographical volumes double as storage space, and technical equipment is seamlessly integrated into the contours of the interior.

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Dr. Myeres Retro Car Vintage Clinic !!! It’s Awesome !!!

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