Top 15 Reasons : Why You Need A Dentist As Your Life Partner

4. A Doctor Will Always Be Caring And Make You Proud

A dentist deals in healing people’s pain. They face the tough truth of life. They realize more than anybody else how fragile human life is. They have that spark of spirituality in them. So you can rest assured that most of them will have a tender soul. They will care for you. They will care for your family. This is something way beyond money can buy. So don’t miss out a tender and caring soul who has a ” Jadoo ki Jhappi ”  or “Miraculous Hug ” as a magic remedy.

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5. Chances of a Doctor breaking your heart is very less

Dentist’s duty is to care. They use medicines to treat the pain. And of all people, perhaps they realize the most that no medicine can heal a broken heart. They understand pain more than anybody. All they need is little love and understanding and they are sure to stick with you, more than any other flamboyant character.

So in other words ” It’s like a bond of Fevicol – Tutega Nahin “

It’s the superglue of love and care.

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