Top 15 Reasons : Why You Need A Dentist As Your Life Partner

This post will tell you why it is good to have a dentist girlfriend or wife. You will love these practical reasons.

Why You Need A DENTIST

As Your Life Partner

Hi, Docs, How You all Doing …

Today I Am going to discuss something seriously … Something very And it’s not about dentistry… it is not about being a doctor …

Can you guess what the topic is about?

Yes, it’s about love and marriage of a DENTIST 😀 …

Yes, you read it correctly 🙂

Love it or hate it but you cant deny the fact that engineering and medical/dental professionals are the two most sought after careers. People are fixated into these two careers to such an extent that it has become a funny thing.

I still remember the day I completed my dental school, finished my house surgeon duties and in my certificate, there was DR before my name. I was so proud. 

When I finished my Post Graduation in surgery, I was even more happy and thankful for it.

When it comes to marriage doctors and engineers were always the most sought after.

But off lately doctors are lagging behind in the marriage & love ecosystem. The glamor of being a doctor seems to have lost a bit of sheen in the love games.

Engineering and other careers are appearing more glamorous and lucrative in marriage perspective.

But it’s not only about money … It is about money and many things more … much more valuable.

there are so many qualities about a doctor/dental surgeon that are way more valuable than money.

So it’s time to remind people again the perks of marrying a doctor or a dentist.

So read on to know the top reasons to have a medic or a dentist as your life partner.

Let’s Start

1.You’ll never be poor. There is never a Loooong Recession Period

Let’s admit it. Doctors/Dental Surgeons make lots of money. I mean seriously a lot. For some docs, it comes sooner and for some a little late, but they all make money eventually. Some of the richest people in the world are dentists who are doing very very well for them and their family.

And there is no recession period in health services. The way population is exploding (approx, minimum 72 babies per minute … OMG !!!) it’s business throughout the year. It sounds like Money … Ka-Ching !!!

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Have a healthy & great smile

2. You Will Always Have A Great Smile

Now being the better half of a dentist you never have to worry about your smile. They will make sure that your better half will take care of that.

Go next to know how your family will love him/her.

3.Your Family Will Love Him/Her

Just say that you are in love with a dentist and planning to marry. That will instantly put molar to molar smile on you parents face.

The reason is obvious doctors are considered gentleman/gentlewoman with hardly any multiple relations issue 😀

And most probably they are … considering the amount of time they spend with their books … that leaves very little time for … ahem … for other things … So no worry that your family won’t like him/her.

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to know how S(He) will always make you feel proud

4. A Doctor Will Always Be Caring And Make You Proud

A dentist deals in healing people’s pain. They face the tough truth of life. They realize more than anybody else how fragile human life is. They have that spark of spirituality in them. So you can rest assured that most of them will have a tender soul. They will care for you. They will care for your family. This is something way beyond money can buy. So don’t miss out a tender and caring soul who has a ” Jadoo ki Jhappi ”  or “Miraculous Hug ” as a magic remedy.

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5. Chances of a Doctor breaking your heart is very less

Dentist’s duty is to care. They use medicines to treat the pain. And of all people, perhaps they realize the most that no medicine can heal a broken heart. They understand pain more than anybody. All they need is little love and understanding and they are sure to stick with you, more than any other flamboyant character.

So in other words ” It’s like a bond of Fevicol – Tutega Nahin “

It’s the superglue of love and care.

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6. You never need to worry about bad health or bad teeth anymore  🙂

You don’t need to worry anymore about small health issues. (S)He is always there to comfort you, care you and give you the correct medicines in a jiffy. So, no need to wait for one hour anymore for visiting a doctor just to get the medicines for that throat infection or tooth pain. All at you finger tips. Even if you do need to visit a doctor, no more waiting in the long queue. Why? Well, most doctors have an unsaid code – they attend to a doctor or his relative more easily and no money 😀 … So you are all set …

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7.  They will make you stay fit & beautiful & Sexy 😉

Everybody knows the value of being fit. But most of us are too lazy to do any real workouts. Well, that’s history if your lover is a dentist 😀 … Chances are (S)he will not only do workouts but make you do the same also. 

So there are more chances that you will be slim, trim & more beautiful in your next batch reunion. 

Whereas your friends might look fat with a pot belly, bloated & 10 years more than their age. That time you will thank him/her a million times.

You will have an awesome social life if you marry a doctor.

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8. You will always have a social life

There is a misnomer that doctors are serious creatures. It’s just the opposite. Doctors throughout their career keep making great contacts. By default, doctors are good in PR skills as they deal with people from all classes of society.

Thanks to patients, fellow friends, and networking skills, both of you will have an amazing social life. It’s also a fact that – Dentists work hard … and enjoy and party even harder & have a very cool head ( that comes with the real confidence of directly healing people).

So, with a dentist its fun unlimited.

One thing health professionals are – Trustworthy. That’s the basis of marriage. Read next …

9. They are trustworthy

Ever heard the quote – Trust me & stay calm, I am your dentist. Doctors are naturally trustworthy. They treat patients and share their joys, sadness and health secrets. So one thing that comes with marrying with doctors – they extremely trustworthy. You can just share anything with them 🙂

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You want to be valued by your spouse then doctors are the best bet

10. A doctor values people

Being in such a profession, a Doctor/ Dental Surgeon has seen the best and the worst of life and that has taught him/her some important lessons about people and their value. They value people for what they are. They don’t judge people based on caste or creed or rich or poor. They treat people from all the sections of society. Thus more that anybody else doctors respect and understand the value of each and every one.

A great benefit of marrying a Doc 😉

More chances than others that you will have a great sex life  Read next to know …

11. Think of all the ‘doctor doctor’ role plays you can do 🙂

Well, I was thinking whether to talk this point or not. Who knows some strict fellow might object to it. But what the heck! We are all in this world because of love, care & sex. And a doctor knows all the finer details about it. So with a doctor/dentist –

The last thing your sex life will be is boring 😉

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You spouse … A doctor respects everyone

12. (S)He will never demean anyone, ever.

A doctor deals with different kinds of patients every day: from the super rich to the extremely poor. Dentists know how to respect a person irrespective of his/her societal status. Your partner will never embarrass you. In fact, you will feel so proud to have a partner who behaves well and treats everybody equally.  He/She will be loved and respected by others.

Health Professionals make amazing parents. One point to marry them.

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13. Doctors make amazing parents.

Doctor’s make amazing parents. There is no second question about it. They are loving, intelligent and have patience. They know the value of cultivating good habits in children. They are smart & they take care of home works. So, if you are going to marry a doctor then your children might thank you one day 😉

You will always get that attention from your family if your spouse is a doctor.

Health Advice is Always needed.

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14. As a spouse of a Dentist, You will be sought after among your relatives

With a dentist as a spouse, your prestige among your relatives increases automatically. It’s obvious nobody wants to be in the bad books of a family dentist’s wife.

Worried about personal space? A doctor will always give you that.

How ? Read Next.

15. S(He) will give you a lot of personal space

Dentists are very private persons. They respect the privacy of others also. So you can rest assured that a dentist will give you ample personal space and time. This is very much essential in any relationship. Being a trustworthy person they show complete faith and they also support in all your aims in life. This quality is one gem to have.

So that is all the pionts we could gather as to why its a good thing to have a dentist as a life partner.

So docs if you have any more reasons then do tell them to us

We will be happy to hear more from you!