Happiness Strategy # 2

Plan Your Investment Properly

Now being a dentist is social job with a business aspect to it. Yes you are reducing people’s pain and giving then a better life. That’s a noble deed. But to provide that treatment your are spending your or your parent’s hard earned money to set up a proper dental clinic. Also to make you a dental professional your parents have invested a lot in you financially and emotionally in your education.

So, plan all your investments wisely 

You want a tension free beginning to your career then plan your investments properly. There is a saying that extend your feet till where the blanket can cover it. If you extend your feet more, mosquitoes will bite you. Similarly if you take high loans, mortgage your belongings without giving adequate thought then there is increased chance of you getting in a soup of financial debt that will rob you of your happiness.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan big ! You should always aspire and work for more. But when it comes to investments, be sensible.

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Happiness Strategy #3:

Have A Sense Of Gratitude & Stop Complaining !

You have many things in your life that you should be very thankful for. You have the education. You are a doctor. You have a shot at making your life better. You have chance at achieving many things in your life by virtue of hard work.

Compare this to many other persons in war torn countries where people are struggling on a day to day basis for survival, where to get some basic comfort is a challenge.

Yes at a personal level you can’t do much for them … But by being Thankful for all that you have, you can reduce your tensions and increase your happiness.

So just look in to the sky and say Thank You for making you a Dental Surgeon.


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