A Happy Doctor is a Good Doctor. 10 ways for you to be happy !

Dentistry is stressful! But here are 10 ways for a dentist to be super happy. Read & share to spread the happiness 🙂


You have a lot to be happy for

Dentistry is a two edged sword.

Its a profession that has a lot of possibilities financially & socially.

At the same time it can be very stressful and can break you emotionally & physically. Particularly in the year 2015.

So, being a dental surgeon you need to maintain that balance in your life.

Yes, its easier said than done. But at-least we all need to make an effort.

If we don’t then one day we will feel that – the life just got over being stressed, tensed – managing dental clinic & profession. Also don’t forget the additional back pain !

So , what should “We” the dental surgeons do ?

The answer is very simple. Even Lord Buddha has told – ” To be happy, you got to try to be happy and you will need to put effort for it. Just wishing & meditating to be happy won’t make you happy.

Lets start THE SLIDE SHOW and hopefully by the end of the article you will be able to find your way to walk towards a  happy dental life.

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Happiness Strategy #1 

Don’t Over-think & create Imaginative Problems

Dentists are creative & artistic people.

And some times they get very creative in making up problems !

Its not completely their fault though. After spending years in dental education and spending millions to make a dental clinic, its natural to get stressed and over imaginative. Some of the common thoughts from the beginning of the career –

” Oh ! I have spent so much in Clinic … Will the clinic show good business ?

Oh ! I have spent so many years and money in education … how will I recover all that !

Oh ! I feel that my practice wont run properly “

Oh ! I will have huge losses in my clinic, then how will I survive ! I will have to shut down my clinic.


Its tough to control but you need to make a habit of not doing this.

This is the 1st step towards happiness & relaxation. Work hard and properly in your present, rather than thinking about a problem that is not even there now.

Once you stop speculating and concentrate on doing well in your present facing all obstacles that come in your way … your future will be better.

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Happiness Strategy # 2

Plan Your Investment Properly

Now being a dentist is social job with a business aspect to it. Yes you are reducing people’s pain and giving then a better life. That’s a noble deed. But to provide that treatment your are spending your or your parent’s hard earned money to set up a proper dental clinic. Also to make you a dental professional your parents have invested a lot in you financially and emotionally in your education.

So, plan all your investments wisely 

You want a tension free beginning to your career then plan your investments properly. There is a saying that extend your feet till where the blanket can cover it. If you extend your feet more, mosquitoes will bite you. Similarly if you take high loans, mortgage your belongings without giving adequate thought then there is increased chance of you getting in a soup of financial debt that will rob you of your happiness.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan big ! You should always aspire and work for more. But when it comes to investments, be sensible.

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Happiness Strategy #3:

Have A Sense Of Gratitude & Stop Complaining !

You have many things in your life that you should be very thankful for. You have the education. You are a doctor. You have a shot at making your life better. You have chance at achieving many things in your life by virtue of hard work.

Compare this to many other persons in war torn countries where people are struggling on a day to day basis for survival, where to get some basic comfort is a challenge.

Yes at a personal level you can’t do much for them … But by being Thankful for all that you have, you can reduce your tensions and increase your happiness.

So just look in to the sky and say Thank You for making you a Dental Surgeon.


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Money Can’t Buy Everything. You need to realise this


Happiness Strategy #4:

Remember, Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Don’t judge all you happiness by how much money you have ! Yes money is needed for comfort , decent life and feel good. But only money can’t give you happiness. For example – A rich man can buy the most expensive comb studded with diamonds … but that won’t make hair grow on his bald head.

Similarly, work hard in you dental profession. That will definitely bring you money and name. But at the same time don’t think this is the only route to your happiness. Happiness also comes from your family, parents, kids, wife & friends.

So yes work hard as a dental surgeon but don’t make yourself a machine. Then you see – you will be more happy with the money you earn.

Happiness Strategy #5

Don’t keep underestimating yourself.


In 2015 dentistry has become a little tougher for new graduates. This is more of a scenario in Asian countries like India.

Fresh dental graduates are going through a lot of self-doubt.

This is mostly due to stupid comparisons with graduates of other professions. Dentists are seeing the early incomes of their friends who are in to other streams and feeling more low.

You want to be happy as a dentist – So stop comparing yourself to any other dentist or any of your other friends. Every profession goes through a phase of recession and after that good times always come. And remember with increasing population -there is one profession which will never hit recession for a long time – that is the health profession of  doctors & surgeons. Others might come and go. You are always going to be there.

The day you stop comparing yourself with others and start concentrating on your work and happiness then you will gradually be more and more happy.

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Happiness Strategy #6

Work on Your Health & Well being

( Try for a 6 pack ! May be ! )

Start a Hobby – Dance or Music

Health is wealth in real terms ! You have all the money but you are too fat to travel around with that money. Then where is happiness in that money ! It is a scientifically proven fact that people who exercise regularly are more relaxed and focused. They are more determined to get the things done and thus are more likely to be happy. A good physique gives you another target to achieve in your life. And you will feel good about yourself more & more.

As a dentist you are more prone to back pain. That can be a constant cause of irritation and reduce your productivity. So make a habit of regular yoga or exercise.

Pick up a hobby … give it some time … and soon that will be one of the most happiest times of your day.

Also a good health will make you work with more happiness and you will spread that happiness among your patients. Happiness all round.

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Realise your Worth !

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Happiness Strategy #7


This is very important for your overall happiness as a doctor and health professional. Despite all hurdles & time pressure you are providing some genuine service to people that is making their life better. You are healing them. You are reducing their pain. You are helping them psychologically by making them look better.

And you, the dental surgeon need to realize this about yourself and appreciate this. Before any body else can realize this, you have to realize this first. Only when you realize your own worth and appreciate yourself, then only others will realize it.

There is no happiness like helping people and you are helping people every day.

Well that’s it for this article. Each individual is different and have their own mantra to success. But for a dental surgeon these are some of the most common points in life to handle the stress of dental life. You are welcome to add extra points that you feel can keep a dentist happy.