TOP 10 Types Of Dental Students You Find in Dental Colleges

10 types of Dental Students that you will see in College ! Which type are you :D


#2.The Always Late To Theory Class Type Dental Students

( To confess – I am one of those type of students )

There is always one student who will

sleep late

get up late

get ready in a hurry

reach late 😀

One more point … This reaching late for class is most common in boys. I guess its a boy thing. Girls are usually very punctual. Here is how it happens …

That student will sleep like Puppies till morning 9 😀 (After whole night not sleeping)

Then he gets ready and runs for college

Even after so many years late coming students have the same reason 😀

Finally The EPIC REACTION OF TEACHER when we reach late for anatomy class 😀

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The Sleeping Type Dental Student