Top 10 Reasons Why A Dentist In USA and Europe Earns 10 Times More

In this post, we will discuss the top 10 reasons why the dentists from the USA and European countries are the richest dentists in the world?

1. Increased awareness among the citizens

It’s a fact that residents of the western world and are much more aware of their oral health status than an average Indian.

High Dental Health & Treatment Awareness in USA/Europe

However, for a majority of Indian and South Asian consumers, a visit to a dentist is at somewhere low on the list of priority.

The visit to a dentist is required only when there is a pain in the tooth.

In the USA and European countries, the need for patients has moved beyond just reducing the dental pain. People there are now looking at dentistry as a necessary cosmetic improvement with pain management. People want to look good & attractive. In those scheme of things, dentists have well sought after.

Thinking of abroad patient

“On … it has been six months … I need to visit my dentist … My smile should be good.”

In India and majority of South Asia, barring the urban locations to some extent dental awareness is only limited to pain management and extraction. It is not yet being looked as a tool to improve the overall personality and health. Thus the pay is low.

Patients are not comfortable paying the correct amount which they feel is very high. The picture below states the normal view of Indian/Asian patients.

Oh … Preserving tooth by RCT is too high.

… Doc, I want to extract my tooth.

It is where the New Generation Asian/Indian Dentists are losing

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