TOP 10  Holywood Movies With Dentists In Major Roles

6.Eversmile, New Jersey

(Carlos Sorin, 1989)

Fergus O’Connell, an itinerant Irish dentist, offers his services free-of-charge to the isolated rural population of Patagonia, in Argentina. He can do so because of the supposedly no-strings sponsorship of a “dental consciousness” foundation. While his motorbike is being repaired, O’Connell meets Estela, the garage-owner’s daughter, and they quickly become affectionate towards each other.

Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis played the role of the dentist.

Both lovers have the prior commitment: he is married, and she is engaged. They go off together all the same. After a series of bizarre adventures, O’Connell discovers that there’s a subliminal price tag attached to his altruistic free services.

5.The Whole Nine Yards (Jonathan Lynn, 2000) 

Nicholas “Oz” Oseransky (Matthew Perry) is a Quebec dentist from Chicago, who happens to be genuinely likable to almost everyone who knows him.

Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends) stars as the debt-ridden dentist “Oz” Oseransky, who learns that his new neighbor (Bruce Willis) is a mafia hitman in hiding, and grasses on him to collect the reward.

It is a funny movie with a dentist as a central character going after a mafia hitman.

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