10 Best Points - Why Being A Dentist Can be Great

2. Autonomy

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 Be your own boss.

Make the decisions you want to make.

No need to answer to anyone.

No need to listen to ” Bull Shit ” from anybody as you have no boss.

You are the BOSS 😀

You are completely independent to decide and plan. That is definitely a great feeling.

But such an autonomy comes with a price.

It makes you responsible for everything – about your financial decisions in managing your professional dental set up.

You hold all the financial risk, you have to make the tough decisions, and the buck stops with you.

All the gains are yours but at the same time, all the risks of financial issues are also yours.

Are you willing to take on that type of responsibility?

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Respect from People as a Healer

3 & 4 – Respect & People


Dentists are generally highly trusted and respected.  Who doesn’t want that?

You are respected not only by the patients whom you treat …

but you are also respected by the society in a positive way.

You are also respected within your family and relatives.

It’s a great feeling …

People If you like to work with people,

you’ll certainly get a lot of people time.

It is a very caring profession, and the relationships are the best part of it.

Unlike some other businesses it ISN’T all about the money.

You get to mingle with people from all strata of life. You treat the poor patients.

That’s give you satisfaction and the feeling that you are doing something for the society directly.

Also you get the chance to meet and interact with many influential persons.

So if you are good in your communication skills then, being a dentist,

you will have a good chance to increase your social circle.

This will benefit you a lot socially.

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