10 Best Points - Why Being A Dentist Can be Great

This article is written by Dr. Laura Brenner (with author name – LolaBees). She has vast knowledge in clinical dental practice with more than 10 years of experience. She is a gifted writer who writes about her experience in dentistry and also career after dentistry.

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The Top 10 Reasons

Why Dentistry is Good

(For Those – want to know the truth about a career in dentistry)

If so, you’ll be happy to hear that US News and World Report recently crowned the dentist as the #1 best job of 2013

It’s pretty hard to find a dentist that hates HIS/HER job, and even if they did, would they tell you? 

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Let’s Start The Top 10 Good Points …

1. Good Income

There’s no question this career does allow for a solid, stable income, and there is potential to earn a phenomenal income.  But don’t be fooled… it does come with a price. 

It is an extremely challenging job with a lot of responsibility.

Don’t expect it to be easy money. 

Are you willing to work your booty off to earn that income? 

If not, this is the wrong career.

If you are completely into the clinical practice then it always takes some time for your clinical practice to pick up speed and reach profitability.

The earning is not instant … it takes time.

You have to be there in the market for some time.

For some, it’s soon & for some it’s late … but you will have to play the waiting game.

But gradually the return is pretty good.

In the modern times due to the increase in the number of dentists, it takes some time to make a name within your community as a dentist. So rather than worrying about your earrings, it will be much better, if you concentrate more on getting better in you clinical and communication skills.

Once you are able to go through the waiting period,

then there are high chances that you will make it big financially as a Dentist.

The Waiting Game 🙂

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Next Good Point

You Are Your Own Boss

You are not answerable to anyone 

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2. Autonomy

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 Be your own boss.

Make the decisions you want to make.

No need to answer to anyone.

No need to listen to ” Bull Shit ” from anybody as you have no boss.

You are the BOSS 😀

You are completely independent to decide and plan. That is definitely a great feeling.

But such an autonomy comes with a price.

It makes you responsible for everything – about your financial decisions in managing your professional dental set up.

You hold all the financial risk, you have to make the tough decisions, and the buck stops with you.

All the gains are yours but at the same time, all the risks of financial issues are also yours.

Are you willing to take on that type of responsibility?

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Respect from People as a Healer

3 & 4 – Respect & People


Dentists are generally highly trusted and respected.  Who doesn’t want that?

You are respected not only by the patients whom you treat …

but you are also respected by the society in a positive way.

You are also respected within your family and relatives.

It’s a great feeling …

People If you like to work with people,

you’ll certainly get a lot of people time.

It is a very caring profession, and the relationships are the best part of it.

Unlike some other businesses it ISN’T all about the money.

You get to mingle with people from all strata of life. You treat the poor patients.

That’s give you satisfaction and the feeling that you are doing something for the society directly.

Also you get the chance to meet and interact with many influential persons.

So if you are good in your communication skills then, being a dentist,

you will have a good chance to increase your social circle.

This will benefit you a lot socially.

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Variety of Cases to Do and interesting

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A day in the life of a dentist is always challenging and interesting.

No two days are ever the same for a dentist. 

When you think you’ve learned all there is to learn, you’ll see something new.

Its a challenge & adventure.

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So you are not bored & ready to face the challenges.

Being a dental surgeon you are constantly going to face dynamic situations.

For example : Simple caries, grossly decayed tooth, caries with abscess, wisdom tooth extraction etc. On top of that you will again need to carter to patients from all age category.

If you get a kid with tooth problem, be rest assured, it might be one of the most delicate dental work you might need to do and at the same time maintaining the patience to properly handle the emotions and phobia of a kid.

Do you deal well with change and constant learning? 

If you want life to be black and white, this isn’t for you.

But if you love the challenge of dealing different types of clinical cases then you will enjoy being a Dental Surgeon

Next Good Point – Lots of Excitement …

6. Excitement in Abundance

It’s a misnomer that dentistry as a profession gets boring. It’s the reverse.

If you have got the right attitude then dentistry can never be boring for you. In-fact you will enjoy dealing with different types of clinical cases and dealing with different types of patients. You will get immense satisfaction with the feeling that you are using your clinical knowledge to the benefit of people and also gaining name and money for yourself.

With the variety and different types of cases & persons –

there is hardly any chance for the work to be monotonous.

You wouldn’t expect it to be action-packed, but it’s not your average desk job pushing paper around.

There’s never a dull moment.

Whether it’s a kooky patient,

an assistant who calls in sick,

or an emergency root canal,

you will not get bored.

But there is a downside to it.

If you are not mentally strong or agile – all these managing and tackling different type of dental cases with different patients can definitely take a tool on you.

Unless you have the inherent joy in dealing with different type of clinical cases, you will get irritable in the long run.

But if you have the right attitude, fitting for a dentist, then every work day will be exciting.

The day will fly by, and there will be no chance to sit around, bored, staring at the clock waiting for the hours to pass you by.

Next Good Point  

Flexible Working Hours 

7. Great Hours

You can generally set your hours.

“Today Am In Mood For Outing & Pizza .. So clinic Closed.”

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There is no one sitting on your head bossing you to come and go at any particular time.

Its your own business venture and you will decide your own time. Of course you will need to work long hours in the initial days. But once when your practice is set up then you are free to decide your timing and take a vacation whenever you want. There are very few jobs that give you this luxury.

Part-time is always a possibility, allowing you to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

It’s also a great career for women who want to have a family.

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Creativity & Solutions Provider…

8/9. Creativity & Solutions


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Everyday you get the chance to offer real, concrete solutions and actually fix things for people.

This is something you are doing directly for the people that is making a difference in their life.

You are a solution provider. Its some thing to be proud of and to cherish.


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People may not realise that

there is a lot of creativity to being a dentist.

On some levels it’s very pragmatic and scientific, but the actual work is like carving or sculpting.

It is an art. 

You also have many opportunities to use your creativity for problem solving.

Dentistry in simple is many professions rolled together in a roll.

Dentistry = Artistry + Science + Biology + Engineering + Physics

For example : Take a simple case of carrying out a composite restoration in the anterior fractured upper central incisors.

Its just not a simple case restoration with a composite filling. 

First you will need to diagnose the tooth and asses its vitality.

You have to be certain that the tooth is viable for a restoration.

You will need to diagnose the fracture. All this diagnosis needs knowledge on the part of a dentist.

(Role of Science + Biology) ^

Then you need to assess and prep the tooth for restoration.

Does it need a Root Canal ? Is the pulp exposed ?

Then you need to do shade selection for the restorative material.

As a dentist you will be needed to understand the properties of the restorative material.

You will be needed use the composite perfectly so that the material stays strong once the patient starts using his/her mouth normally.

(Role of Engineering + Physics) ^

Finally a Dentist will be required to shape the composite material perfectly in to a shape mimicking the shape of a tooth. It has to be so perfect that no one can make out that the patient is having a restoration.

(Role of Art) ^

So, you see that there is a lot that takes even to do a simple restoration.

It does requires a lot of creativity.

Next Good Point : Always in Demand …

10. Demand

This is true.

People always need dental services.

And the way population is booming, there is hardly going to be any long-term dry period. People will always need health & dental care. That’s essential. It’s not an option that they can avoid dental treatment.

Of course, it seems there is a lot of competition out there now, but if you find your niche, the patients will come for treatment to your clinic.

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The Best Point About Being A Dentist

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You just read around 10 best points … That Explains … What are the good points about Dentistry …

But One Point I think that is most important –

Dentistry involves healing people.

That has something magical about it.

It brings a lot of peace to mind.

When you go to sleep after a day of hard work and healing people …

you get the most peaceful sleep one can get ..

It’s as close as you can get to spirituality.

You have the chance to not only earn money but loads of blessings and good deeds.

And that is priceless.

No career is always 100 % good. There are Pros & Cons to every career. Same is the case with Dentistry. In this article we read about the good point. 

But what are the Bad points about Dentistry. Yes there are few.

Read them from this Article


(For Those – want to know the straight forward truth about a career in dentistry) If so, you’ll be happy to hear that US News and World Report recently crowned the dentist as the #1 best job of 2013 . It’s pretty hard to find a dentist that hates HIS/HER job, and even if they did, would they tell you?

This article is written by Lolabees.

(And has been published here with consent from the author with some addition in words and images by the editorial team at

I have come across many articles that talk about pros and cons of dentistry. But to state the truth I was never much convinced with any of those articles. Reason being none of the articles were close to what I personally felt about the profession. But then I came across this blog by  “Lolabees”.

She is a DDS & former dental professional who has 10 years of experience in clinical practice. But after a decade of dedicated dentistry, she has ventured into a new profession. I came across her blog on random browsing and soon I stopped being surprised at the large number comments from her readers. She has written some of the most relevant articles on dentistry but in a way that is related to the daily life of dental surgeons. She also writes about healthy food habits in her blog. 

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